Benefits of Online Therapy

In the age of the Internet, we’ve seen some kinds of therapy move to an online format, but some remain skeptical. Given the onset of COVID-19 and the subsequent stay-at-home orders, it has become an utmost concern of clinicians across the country to reach their otherwise quarantined patients. This post deals specifically in some of the advantages to online therapy in general, but the reality is that all patients currently under therapy need to continue treatment. Because the risk of reversal is too great, we urge patients to continue treatment. We have outlined some benefits to online therapy below.

Knocking Down Barriers

The most conspicuous draw to online modes of therapy is its convenience. Having grown up on one side of the digital divide, the younger generations today are naturally more inclined to engage with the unfamiliar through technology. In a word, it’s almost more “normal” to video into a private session than to visit your local office. People may favor this added layer of security over the traditional forms of therapy. And it’s significantly easier to utilize technology than having to leave the comfort of your own home. This is especially true for people new to therapy. They may see the traditional form as a barrier to their health, something too risky, and online therapy can help mitigate that.

Online therapy is also easier to access than in-person therapy. In the case of someone with severe anxiety or depression, it can actually be easier for that person to engage with the clinical professional digitally than in person. Considering the perceived anonymity of someone sending an email, at least to the degree that you don’t have to actually be in the room with a person, it becomes apparent that emailing a therapist might be much more comfortable than making a phone call. The growth of online therapy considers the fact that some of the people who need therapy the most—those who suffer from PTSD, or personality disorders—are often facing extraordinary odds when trying to actually communicate with people in a traditional setting to get that needed help. Online therapy can curb that.

Cost and Access to Experts

Additionally, clients seeking expert help have greater options with the advent of online therapy. In one example, someone in El Paso may want the expert advice of a psychotherapist in Sacramento. With online therapy, that patient can access the expert advice they want remotely, without the hardship of travel. Online access can also greatly reduce the cost associated with in-person therapy sessions. Because a clinician doesn’t always have to clear their schedules, necessarily, online sessions can come at a convenience to the therapist as well, reducing costs.

With these things considered, we here at Novus Mindful Life are doing all that we can to bring routine and quality care to our patients. If this sounds like you, reach out to us about our online therapy options. We are dedicated to providing the best experience possible, and we are committed to helping everyone achieve peace of mind about their lives. Consider our online options! We look forward to chatting with you!

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