About Our Guiding Principles

Change Is Possible

Our mission has always been to create a secure and safe place when you and your relationships can heal from past trauma or overcome current life stressors. We take holistic, evidence-based approaches to mind, brain, and body.

At our core, our mission is to alleviate suffering in you and your relationships and to help you build meaningful lives.

When we are stuck with difficult emotions, moods and thoughts it becomes difficult for us to make our lives more meaningful. Without meaning, we can feel hopeless and lost. It can feel like an endless loop of painful emotions and thoughts that in the end create more suffering.

Novus grew out of a strong desire to help others overcome suffering caused by trauma, addiction, anxiety, and depression. Our goal has always been to create a place where individuals and couples to reach their potential and create joy and happiness.

We believe that with new information we have new possibilities.

At Novus, we are a team of expert therapists who can compassionately work with you to develop the skills necessary to change your life and stop your suffering.

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We Are An Evidence-Informed Practice

For many people, psychotherapy and sex addiction treatment might seem mysterious, even scary. At Novus, we believe that treatment should not be a mystery, nor should it involve guesswork.

We are all fortunate, to now live in a time when brain and mind research is flourishing and we now have access to important research that informs our therapeutic counseling work.

We use evidence-based or evidence-informed practices that are based on the latest research available. Our clients have access to the latest and most current sex addiction treatment available.

Our Guiding Principals

You have inherent worth that is equal to others.

You have worth and value that is equal to–not better than nor less than–every other person. This is known as inherent worth.

You are worthy of love and belonging

By accepting the concept of inherent worth, it follows then that all people are worthy of love. You are worthy of love and belonging. Love exists on a continuum from respect to very warm regard.

You and your relationships
can change & heal.

The idea that people cannot change is a myth. People show an ability and a desire to change every day. Current empirical evidence suggests that brains continue to remain plastic and malleable throughout our lifetimes.

You have an internal spirit defined by you.

You have an internal spirit. It may be a “higher power.” It may be connected with religion, or it may be a sense of something larger than ourselves that we are connected to. It also may be a “higher self” or “higher principle”. We accept your definition, whatever it might be.

You have the right to make choices.

You have the right to make choices in your life. Empowerment means knowing you have the ability to make choices and pursue your needs and wants.

You are whole and have the answers inside of you.

You are whole. You were born with the value, personality, and aptitude you need to be successful. You have the resources to change your life. Sometimes we just need help accessing them.

Your emotions are not right or wrong and they give you useful information.

Emotions give you information about your environment. They help keep yourself safe and guide you in creating meaning in your life.

You have the right to enjoy sex and your sexuality.

You have the right to enjoy sex and sexuality as long as you are not violating someone else’s boundaries. There should be no shame around sex with appropriately defined boundaries. There should be no shame regarding gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender identity, or relationship status.

You, your therapist, and all others are equal in human worth.

Trusting your therapist helps you to be vulnerable and take risks. Vulnerability and honesty with your therapist are necessary for healing.

We connect through our similarities and grow through our differences.

You will find you connect with others through your similarities. You will also find that you grow through experiencing your differences.

Connection is a human need.

Social interaction and connection with one another are basic human needs for us to thrive.

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