How Journaling Can Help In The Journey of Sex Addiction Recovery

Of the many tools available to help individuals on the journey of sex addiction recovery, journaling has proven to be a valuable way to process, grow, and reflect. While journaling is new to some individuals, it has been heralded by many as one of the most cost-effective means of therapy and healing! Not only does journaling help to reduce stress and increase an individual’s overall mental health, but the consistent practice of returning time and again to a written journal can even help reduce the chance of a relapse!

With journaling, those recovering from addiction can keep track of progress while increasing their motivation to continue in a healthy habit. While there are various excuses that many give for not putting pen to paper, the research continues to show that journaling is an effective way to help find hope and heal from a lifetime of addiction.

If you are an individual suffering from sexual addiction or are currently on the path toward healing, then you may want to pick up the habit of journaling yourself! At Novus Mindful Life, we are passionate about equipping our clients and visitors with tools that they can use right now to make their lives better each and every day.

What Kinds Of Journaling Are Out There?

You may have a preconceived notion of journaling – such as keeping a childhood diary or writing a blog online. However, a journal’s beauty is in the various kinds and types that you can choose from. Each has its own unique characteristics and benefits, and each offers benefits for those seeking to recover from addiction.

Let’s break down a few of the most popular journaling styles to see, which may spark a creative interest for you!

Stream of Consciousness Journal

A stream of consciousness journal is simply that – sitting down with a fresh page and writing down whatever comes to mind. This can include your current thoughts, temptations, doubts, fears, successes – you name it! With no limitations to your writing, this type of journal allows you to freely empty your mind of the many thoughts that may be wrestling around in your head and heart – and release them onto paper.

Diary Journal

A diary allows you to keep a daily log of what occurred each day. For those in sex addiction recovery, this may include a safe space to write down successes, failures, temptations, and more.

Gratitude Journal

A relatively new journaling method that has caught steam recently, a gratitude journal allows you to answer prompts asking you to write out what you are thankful for each day. The process of actually writing down two to three things each day that bring you joy or hope has been proven to work wonders for building a strong, positive mental attitude – which is a major weapon in the battle against addiction.

Exercise & Mental Health Journal

Similar to a diary or daily log, this journal is dedicated to keeping track of your health and wellness. As an individual working toward healing from addiction, keeping this type of journal can be beneficial for helping you note behaviors or triggers that lead to temptations to relapse, as well as those behaviors that bring you healing from your addiction.

How Journaling Aids In Recovery From Sex Addiction

Now that you know a few of the methods of starting and keeping a journal during your sexual addiction recovery, let’s take a look at the many benefits that this practice can bring you throughout your recovery journey:

  • You learn more about yourself as you begin to keep a daily journal of what you do and think each day.
  • Journaling allows for a safe space to express your emotions. If you struggle with feelings of anger, fear, doubt, or joy, a journal can be a place to log those in a very real and safe way.
  • Journals increase your overall accountability. Much like working with another individual, journals become a location where you can honestly reflect and track each day’s successes and failures without shame.
  • You will find yourself reaching goals and therapy benchmarks more consistently by revisiting them each day, which will naturally increase the chances of success in recovery.

Are you convinced as to the benefits of journaling in your addiction recovery journey? At Novus Mindful Life, our team of trained mental health and addiction experts can help you begin the process of keeping a journal that fits your schedule, lifestyle, and needs. You can learn more about tips such as this online, and contact a member of our team today to discover how Novus Mindful Life can help you begin the journey to hope and healing today!

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