Heal Your Heart Mindfully

Novus Mindful Life Institute Family Counseling and Recovery Center in Long Beach, California helps people heal with mindfulness.  Being mindful means to be conscious or aware of a situation.  At Novus, being mindful means being aware of your emotions, your body, your actions and how your behavior affects your life and the lives of others.

Throughout our lives, many of us have experienced abuse or traumatic situations. These experiences can leave emotional scars that stay with us for many years.  Left untreated, these emotional scars can impact our ability to function successfully and happily in our daily lives.  

Mindful work with a professional therapist can help heal these scars.  There are many avenues to receive support:

Individual counseling with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist can help you increase mindful awareness of factors in your life that may affect you and your loved ones emotionally. In private confidential sessions, a licensed therapist can help you identify factors, situations and behaviors that you can overcome and gain control of to improve your life.  If you are seeking to counsel for emotional abuse, for example, a skilled and compassionate therapist can help you begin to develop personal boundaries and can assist you with learning to practice self-care as well as strengthen your ability to speak up for yourself and make healthy decisions independently.  

Couples counseling with an experienced therapist can help couples work through core differences as well as develop and practice kind and respectful communication skills which can foster growth and healing in a relationship.  Many couples find themselves repeating the bad habits of past relationships or even replicating the toxic arguments of their parents.  By practicing mindfulness and awareness of how they feel, act and speak when interacting with one another, couples seeking relationship counseling,  pre-marital counseling or marriage counseling can become empowered to help their relationship grow in a healthy and loving manner.  

Group counseling can help you grow mindful of the powerful impact the actions of others have had in your life, as well as how your actions impact those you love.  One example is, through the sharing of stories, wives, spouses and partners seeking to counsel to recover from infidelity or heal from betrayal, can realize they are not alone and not the only person this has happened to.  Through consistent, weekly participation, clients can develop supportive connections with group acquaintances and strengthen their support system.  Groups help clients grown mindful that healing and recovery are possible.      

Intensive Outpatient Treatment allows the client to take advantage of all the services mentioned previously to obtain comprehensive and intensive care when there is a severe crisis or situation affecting their lives.  Men and Women seeking treatment for sex addiction or pornography addiction can mindfully and purposefully enroll in intensive services to address past trauma, harmful behavior and the struggles in their life.     

Overall, through mindful, purposeful efforts to attend counseling sessions, participate in therapy and open your mind to personal growth, you can help set your heart on a path toward hope, healing, and recovery.  

The counselors at Novus specialize in helping individuals and couples whose lives have been affected by depression, anxiety, infidelity, out of control sexual behavior and porn addiction therapist Long Beach.  Clients can easily call 562-431-5100 to schedule an appointment.  Our office is located in Long Beach on the corner of PCH and 2nd street.  We are local to the communities of Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Westminster, Santa Ana, Cerritos, Lakewood, Cypress and are honored to serve our neighbors as a healing resource.

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