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Are You Caught In The Porn Trap?

  • Are you about to lose your relationship or marriage due to porn?
  • Are you going to lose your job?
  • Are you losing sleep due to porn use?
  • Are you just tried because of the turmoil porn has caused in your life?

Novus is a good place to start when looking for pornography addiction treatment. If you are struggling with porn then keep reading. I know we can help you.

What is
Pornography Addiction?

Porn addiction can be defined as the continued use of porn to deal with uncomfortable feelings and moods in spite of the continued consequences.

You know you should stop. You tell yourself to stop, but you keep looking anyway.

The behavior, besides the immediate sexual gratification and the quick escape, leaves the person feeling guilty and shameful, and compounds itself with consequences and unmanageability in the person’s life.

Often, the person engaging in the compulsive pornography addiction gains little satisfaction in the long run from the behavior. They often feel lonely, depressed and out of control, which in turn leads them back to the compulsive porn use in an attempt to feel better and escape the pain.

How Do I Know If I’m
A Pornography Addict?

For Some Porn Becomes A Prison.

We know that porn can impact the brain in a serious way.

As we are studying the brain and addictions, we are beginning to see that intense online porn use changes how the brain responds to sexual cues. In one area, called hypofrontality, the brain loses the ability to say no or control the impulse to take action on a thought. For the porn addict, it becomes harder and harder to say no to internet porn.

You probably know this already!

Trying to change on your own will most likely be unsuccessful. Your brain needs help.

You need the support of others to successfully change your behavior. Willpower alone may help you in certain circumstances, but you will not have any real long-term success. When the crisis is gone you will most likely return to your compulsive porn use.

You need the help of others to help create a solid recovery plan.

The therapists at Novus Relationship Counseling & Recovery Center have extensive training in the area of porn addiction treatment. We know and have access to the latest research in the field of porn addiction treatment. We provide individual therapy, couples therapy, and group therapy.

We provide individual therapy, couples therapy, and group therapy. We also have intensive workshops and an intensive outpatient program.

We can put you on the right path and give you the tools you need to make the changes you want. The therapists at Novus are trained to handle the complexities that can arise from treating this issue. Many of our therapists are Certified Sexual Addiction Therapists. This certification shows that they have extensive training in the area of sex and porn addiction treatment.

Remember, it is important to get the help that you need.

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Now is The Time to Ask For Help

Waiting until you feel more comfortable or less shameful about your porn addiction is most likely not going to happen. Please understand that we know this is difficult.

Reaching out from the isolation and the double life of porn addiction means that things may be different. But you asked the question: How do I stop my porn addiction? So we want to give you the honest answer and be straightforward.

The first step is making the call. We care about the people that come to our offices. We are professional and private. We are not here to judge you. We understand how difficult it is to trust someone with this secret. You may feel very alone, isolated even; but the truth is, you don’t have to be.

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