Do I Have An Addictive Personality?

Have you ever heard someone describe you or another person as someone with an “addictive personality”? Whether it’s pointing out an almost obsessive interest in a hobby or interest, or an insatiable need for some kind of food or drink, those who are described as having an addictive personality are often those who seem to really get into something.

However, did you know that an addictive personality may be a sign of underlying issues? At Novus Mindful Life, we often work with counseling and therapy patients who discover that their quirky personality traits and unique interests were symptoms of a deeper addiction. In particular, those who struggle with sexual addictions often find that their obsessive desire for sexual fulfillment drives addictive needs for a variety of things.

So how do you know if your addictive personality is a sign of an issue that may require the help of a trained professional? Here are some of the signs that you have an addictive personality, and the symptoms to look out for when you are concerned that it may become dangerous to yourself or others.

Signs & Traits Of A Personality That May Lean Toward Addictions

While scientific research has shown that no personality type guarantees a problem with addictive thoughts or behaviors, there are particular traits that may point toward potential issues related to addiction – including sexual addiction. Here are some of the top traits of individuals that may end up struggling with addiction at some point in their lives:

Relation To Others Who Have Developed Addiction

There may be a genetic relationship in individuals who develop addictions to various behaviors and substances. If you have a history of addiction in your family, the chances are higher that you may have a personality that leans toward addiction as well. It is essential that you communicate with your family members who have struggled with addiction to better understand their unique situations.

A History of Other Mental Health Issues

Those who have or are currently struggling with mental health issues may find that they have a proclivity toward addictive behaviors and personalities. Working with a trained mental health professional – such as the team at Novus Mindful Life – can help you begin to work out the underlying issues related to your addiction and other mental illnesses.

Adventurous Escapism & Increased Risk-Taking

Another trait of those with an addictive personality is that they are never satisfied with the status quo. They may find that they are often plagued by a need to escape from their current situation and find a new adventure or risk to get a sense of exhilaration or thrill. With sexual addiction, this can look like an increase in the need for increasingly dangerous or graphic sexual content or relationships.

A Sense Of Feeling Disconnected Or Apathetic

On the other side of the spectrum, some individuals who struggle with addictive personalities find that they feel generally apathetic or disconnected from daily life. Anything that isn’t directy related to their addictive behaviors becomes uninteresting, and may lead to a lack of passion, desire, or interest.

Excessive Worrying & Trouble Self-Regulating

Many individuals who suffer from addiction – particularly sexual addiction – will discover that they find themselves unable to self-regulate their inner thought patterns and outward behaviors. Included with those issues can be excessive worry and increased panic attacks when unable to access their particular “fix.”

While these symptoms or traits in and of themselves cannot diagnose an addiction, they can be signs of an underlying problem that can be treated with the help of a trained therapist. At Novus Mindful Life, our team of caring experts is ready to help you find freedom from your current or potential addiction through proven methods.

You are not alone in your struggle, and there is hope for you in the midst of sexual addiction. Learn more about our services and find more great content just like this at Novus Mindful Life online.

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