Employment Opportunities

We Are Currently Looking For Some Fantastic People To Join Our Team!

For almost a decade Novus Mindful Life Insitute Family Counseling & Recovery has been dedicated to helping the Long Beach and Orange County areas. We are a group of fun-loving and collaborative therapists and counselors that enjoy the process of helping others thrive in their lives.

Building A Culture Of Growth Together

At Novus, we believe that we do better, both professionally and personally, together. In helping our clients, we touch the lives of not only them but all the people in their lives as well. Your work at Novus can not only improve your clients’ lives but help our community as well.

Join A Supportive Clinical Community

It is rewarding to work with other like-minded people who are dedicated to helping each other thrive as professionals. Being a therapist or counselor is tough work. We often need the insight of our colleagues to understand and see cases clearly. When you need additional support your colleagues are here to help. Often, right when you need it.

Be Part Of A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Be part of a team that is always looking to make their work the best it can be. At Novus, we use the latest in clinical research and training to have the largest positive impact on the clients we see. We use things like feedback informed treatment to maximize our clinical effectiveness. If you want to work with the latest in mental health care join our team.

Give Back To The Long Beach & Orange County Community

By helping our clients, we help our community grow and thrive. We serve as a resource to help men, women, couples, and families in Long Beach obtain mental health care counseling during challenging times. We are an inclusive agency and support all people. We sponsor organizations like LGBTQ Center of Long Beach.

Invest In Continued Clinical & Personal Growth

We hold voluntary monthly clinical consultations meetings and staff meetings to help you grow and get support from your colleagues. Having a supportive community where we can learn from each other helps you and your clients grow and thrive. We also work to bring in great guest speakers and have staff training that can offer expertise and knowledge as a resource.

Building A Culture Of Growth Together

We are looking for licensed therapists that have experience working with or are willing to learn how to work with clients struggling with sex and/or porn addiction.  A great opportunity for supervision and mentoring will also be a part of this position.

Couples & Relationship Therapist

We are looking for licensed therapists that have experience working in with couples who are struggling with communication, lack of passion, and/or infidelity in their relationships. We use an attachment-based approach and incorporate Gottman and Sue Johnson’s Emotional Focus Therapy work into couples therapy.

To do the best possible work you can as a therapist, you need just the right amount of support and just the right amount of autonomy, which is precisely what Novus provides to it’s therapists. Novus is a place where you feel genuine empathy and is indeed a place where one can thrive.


Alina Nejadian, LMFT
Therapist at Novus

Our mission at Novus has always been to expand the boundaries of clinical care. We do that by using the latest evidence-based practices and incorporating the highest quality of care. I’m proud of the team we have put together and continue to grow. The therapists and counselors at Novus always put their best selves forward to serve the clients they see.

Duane Osterlind, LMFT CSAT
Founder & Clinical Director

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