How Common Is Sex Addiction?

Across the globe, more and more individuals are coming forward with a struggle that was once thought unspeakable and myth: sexual addiction. With sexual addiction, addicted individuals are haunted by constant sexual thoughts and fantasies that can manifest in harmful behaviors if ignored. Like any addiction, acting out on sexual addiction impulses can lead to impairment and difficulty engaging in everyday life as individuals seek the next “fix” that promises fulfillment – but never delivers.

As a relatively new diagnosis, sex addiction is still gaining steam in the area of statistics and research – making it hard to place hard stats on this disease. However, the prevalence of self-reported sexually addictive behaviors is helping mental health professionals begin to build a case for how sex addiction is trapping thousands – if not millions – of individuals from all walks of life in this struggle.

Defining Sex Addiction

As more and more individuals come forward to report their struggles with sex addiction, therapists and mental health professionals are beginning to build a better picture of what sexual addiction looks like – and how it is impacting individuals across the globe.

Consider a shortlist of some of the common self-reported symptoms of sexual addiction:

  • Constant and compulsive sexual urges
  • Being unable to control or limit sexual behavior
  • Engaging in risky sexual behavior consistently
  • Increased desire and tolerance for dangerous sexual interactions
  • The need to place sexual engagement over other normal daily activities
  • Impairment with daily tasks, including engaging in normal daily interactions
  • Experiences similar to substance withdrawal when attempting to slow or dial back sexual interactions

How Common Is Sex Addiction?

A key to healing is to know how common sex addiction is in the population. Once mental health professionals can gain an idea as to how many individuals are suffering from sex addiction, they can begin to better understand the common triggers that lead to triggered behaviors and relapses.

While the amount of scientific research needed to determine true numbers is still not complete, there are some statistics that are becoming increasingly available regarding how common sex addiction is. A 2014 scientific review in Current Pharmaceutical Design has developed a set of research that has offered interesting statistics. According to researchers in this particular study, three out of every 100 adults reported suffering from difficult sex-related issues.

The study also found that on the high end of reporting, almost 16 out of every 100 adults report having struggles with the symptoms contributed to sex addiction. By averaging these statistics across populations, it can be assumed that nearly three to six percent of individuals interviewed for the study reported having sexual addiction tendencies. Interestingly, the report found that of those reported, more men than women struggle with sexual addiction, and individuals who experienced trauma at an early age are far more likely to report sexual addiction symptoms.

Find Hope For Sexual Addiction

While the statistics regarding sex addiction can be harrowing, here is the good news: as sexual addiction and pornography addiction become increasingly discussed, more resources and therapeutic options are emerging to help individuals who are struggling to overcome this difficult personal mental and physical health problem.

At Novus Mindful Life, our team of trained and experienced counselors are trained in how to help individuals discover how to define and overcome sex addiction. By using proven methods that promise healing and freedom through holistic treatment, you or someone you love can finally find freedom from this debilitating addiction. There is hope for those who are willing to take courage to step out of the shadows and seek help.

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