How Telehealth Therapy Can Help You Cope

When the workday is long, and the stress of working from home grows, telehealth therapy can enter as a viable option for coping. Sometimes even the stress of trying to make an appointment or leave the house can make it difficult to prioritize mental health and wellness. Thankfully, telehealth options have begun to crop up around the country, with millennials spearheading the movement toward a fully-digital therapy experience. At Novus Mindful Life, we are happy to offer telehealth options for those looking to cope with stress, anxiety, and many other concerns.

Because of telehealth’s ease of access, those who have difficulty with mobility can garner great benefit from it. An additional benefit to telehealth is the ability of the healthcare provider to meet with the patient between office visits, and offer support in that way.

The reality here is that some patients could better cope with their lives using telehealth as part of their mental health repertoire. A child struggling with bullying could quickly video-conference in without having to set up an appointment, at any time of the day. Perhaps another patient dealing with anger needs positive encouragement before visiting a family member. Using the available technology, that patient could video chat with her therapist even from the driveway of her home, allowing her to practice necessary coping skills.

If you are quarantining and telecommuting while trying to balance life at home, it can quickly become overwhelming. The beautiful thing about telepsychology is that it can help you to process negativity during these confusing times. It’s also helpful to know that you’re not alone. There are millions of people across the country who are currently being displaced as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and you are not alone in needing to see your therapist. This is likely why so many are turning to telehealth at this time; the stress of commuting to work digitally while dealing with children in the house who have been sent home from school—it’s maddening, even for one not dealing with mental health issues.

So the push for telehealth could not have come at a better time. We here at Novus Mindful Life want the best for our patients, which includes continuing treatment even if it means video conferencing instead of visiting the office. Many of us can’t leave the house at all at this point, and the prospect of impeding your own mental wellbeing is too great. We just want all of you to know that there are options for telehealth available, and that Novus Mindful Life is committed to making the best possible care accessible to you and your family. Whether you are coping with a new change in your life, or trying to just receive your normally-scheduled routine care, accessing online therapy may be the answer for you. Reach out to us—we can help!

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