Maintaining Recovery In An World Of Crisis

Few could have imagined when the clock struck midnight on December 31, 2020, how much the world would change in a few short months. For many, the start of the new year marked a brand new decade of opportunity and potential. For others, leaving the last decade behind was a chance to close the chapter on a long journey of overcoming difficult addictions.

Individuals who suffer from addiction and are on a road to recovery often find their journey derailed when life takes unexpected twists and turns. The sudden loss of routine interactions, therapy sessions, and personal lifelines can lead to sudden relapse due to fear and anxiety.

To navigate a crisis and maintain growth, individuals who are dealing with sexual addiction must find ways to continue staying connected and engaged with individuals and practices that contribute to healing.

However, crises such as the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and other public health emergencies can often lead to extended periods of isolation and increased anxiety – the perfect recipe for disaster.

The Importance Of Connection

In the work of addiction therapy and recovery, it is vital that individuals maintain a consistent connection to their loved ones and professional mental health guides. With an addiction of any form, the desire to act on impulse and give in to temptation only increases with the addition of secrecy and isolation.

For those working through sexual addiction recovery, having a lifeline to other people who can hold them accountable can be one of the most vital connections they have. Deep within a sex and porn addiction resides an individual’s inability to manage feelings of pain and loneliness – leading them to act upon sexual behavior and impulse as a primary coping mechanism.

Depending on the length of the addiction and the progress the addict has made with their recovery, different levels of connection can hold greater impact. However, when the ability to meet with people face to face is gone, individuals must get creative to maintain those connections. Many therapy centers – including our team at Novus Mindful Life – have put in place teletherapy services that help our team of skilled therapists continue to meet with individuals needing social interaction and engagement to stay on the path of recovery.

Staying Strong With The Help Of Your Partner

If you happen to live with your partner or spouse, taking advantage of the increased time together can be beneficial for both your healing process and the relationship between the two of you. In a sexual addiction situation, the addict is not the only one struggling to cope. Those who love and care for their spouse will also find it difficult to navigate the healing process – and can be just as thrown off by a change in environment and routine.

It is vital that partners lean into one another during times of stress, rather than pull away due to difficulty, anxiety, or frustration. While crisis situations can bring out the worse in any of us, it is only together that we can overcome our difficulties and move toward healing.

Finding Hope In The New Normal

When crisis strikes, we quickly discover that we are forced to learn how to live with a new normal. Life may change drastically, but the elements of healing for addiction remain the same. Prioritizing self-care, avoiding triggers and stimulants, and continuing to find ways to work with your trusted partners in your recovery are vital elements to moving forward in healing.
You may not have chosen the situation that you find yourself in today, but you can choose how you respond.

At Novus Mindful Life, we are proud to feature a team of experienced mental health professionals that are ready to help you connect and thrive even in the most difficult seasons. With training in helping individuals with varying degrees of sexual addiction, we know what it takes to begin the process of freedom and healing. Crisis doesn’t have to put a stop to your healing. Contact our team at Novus Mindful Life to learn more about how to connect with a trained counseling professional today.

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