Nonviolent Communication For Couples Therapy

Nonviolent Communication For Couples

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Being able to communicate effectively is vital in any relationship.

Do you often feel upset or angry during or after discussions with your partner? Does it often seem like you are unheard? Do you have a tendency to lash out, blame, or get defensive?

Or maybe you find yourself overly concerned with trying to manage your partner’s feelings, trying to read his or her mind and find yourself confused and frustrated. Or, maybe, all of the above.

At Novus Mindful Life Institute, we use the tools of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to target these concerns in a direct and structured format. You, your partner, and our Communication Coach will work together to bring the empathic essence of Nonviolent Communication into your relationship.

You will engage in activities and be provided with information to elicit honesty and compassion between the two of you. You will learn to identify feelings, needs, make requests, say “no”, conflict resolution strategies, ways to address anger, counteract judgments, identify intentions, and cultivate appreciation in your relationship.

Unnecessary frustration is exhausting. Don’t let communication be in the way of the relationship you want to have. Get the tools you deserve.

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