Overcoming Sexual Addiction By Changing Your Inner Narrative (Part 1)

Those who suffer from sexual addiction can often find themselves trapped in the chains of negative self-talk and storytelling. Over time, ongoing negative self-narrative can leave those who are caught in addiction to question their worth and their ability to heal from their pain. Fortunately, by investing the time and effort into changing how you speak about yourself and to yourself internally, you can begin to free yourself from the chains of false narratives. The key is to begin speaking in positive ways to yourself!

The concept of positive thinking and speaking is nothing new, even though few take advantage of these powerful methods. Norman Vincent Peale, the founder of the psychology of positive thinking, once said, “Change your thoughts, and you can change your world.” Within Peal’s statement lies the powerful truth: if we can begin to adapt to how we speak to ourselves, we can change how we view and interact with our world.

For those struggling with sexual addiction, these new ways of viewing themselves and their world can be the key to breaking the chains of addiction and moving toward healing in powerful ways. At Novus Mindful Life, our team of trained counseling professionals works with individuals every day to help them take steps in the direction of changing their inner thought patterns and begin to view themselves in a positive light.

In this two-part blog series, we will take a look at the way changing the narrative you tell yourself can be an incredible path to healing for those involved in a variety of addictions, including sexual addiction and pornography.

Breaking Free Of Negative Stories

Within the psychology of storytelling, the direction of an individual’s lives can often be surmised by analyzing the way that they speak to themselves and the stories they tell. If an individual sees themselves as someone who is driven and full of latent potential, it is likely that they will take the steps necessary to live in freedom and opportunity.

However, those who see themselves as weak or helpless will often experience consistent struggles to rise above their circumstances. Should those stories continue consistently or increase in volume, individuals may seek out other means by which to find release.
Thus we find those suffering from sexual addiction seeking acceptance and fulfillment through outlets that are deceptive and harmful. Many times, these negative stories become the heavy chains of addiction that prevent individuals from rising above and breaking free.

Find The Strength To Change Your Story With The Help Of A Friend

When we work with addiction patients, we often ask them a set of questions that quickly reveal how they view themselves.

Do you see yourself as victorious?

Are you someone who has a purpose and a reason to live?

Do you see yourself as someone at the mercy of unforgiving conditions and a victim of your circumstances?

How individuals answer these questions can reveal much about the kinds of stories they tell themselves each and every day. By revealing how they speak within their mind, we can better see how and why they allow themselves to fall victim to behaviors that either satisfy their inner longings or numb themselves to their situation.

So how does one begin to change these inner narratives? The key is to learn and act upon methods for changing your story each and every day. Instead of choosing to repeat stories that keep you from achieving freedom from addiction, victims instead must choose to speak kindly to themselves with grace.

By taking these small steps every day, hope can be found even when suffering from the most debilitating addictions. In part two of our positivity blog series, we will uncover helpful tips and practices that can help you shift and ultimately rewrite your story.

Watch for more from our positivity series, and if you would like to learn more about how to break free from the cage of sexual addiction, contact the team of experts at Novus Mindful Life. Our caring addiction recovery experts are ready to help you find freedom from your current or potential addiction through proven methods of positivity.

You are not alone in your struggle, and there is hope for you in the midst of sexual addiction. Learn more about our services and find more great content just like this at Novus Mindful Life online.

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