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‏Are you finding it difficult to cope with the pandemic and find the right therapist who can help? ‏ ‏Novus Mindful Life‏ ‏’s therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists are readily available both via telehealth and in-person in our Long Beach office. We are flexible and convenient because we understand each patient has different needs. Our therapists combine different therapeutic methods to make sure you are receiving the best care possible. ‏

‏Our approach is holistic and we strive to improve the overall quality of your life, whether you are feeling good or bad. Therapy is an excellent choice for anyone looking to grow and experience life in a whole and healthy way. ‏ ‏Novus Mindful Life‏ ‏ therapists in Long Beach tailor sessions based on each patient’s unique needs by using research-backed therapeutic models such as ‏ ‏Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy, talk therapy,‏ ‏ and ‏ ‏EMDR therapy.‏

‏We know from our patients’ stories anyone can shift their mindset and overcome mental and emotional barriers over time. The ‏ ‏Novus Mindful Life ‏ ‏team in Long Beach encourages each patient to bring their stories to the session and compassionately listens. Each session allows our patients to find their voice and become self-aware of how their thoughts and emotions impact their lives.

Grief & Loss Counseling

We help clients by taking a client-centered approach to grief. We understand that everyone’s approach to pain and loss is different. Having a compassionate person with knowledge of the grief process can help guide you as you find the path that is right for you. We understand that everyone’s grief is different and that means that help can be changed too.

Counseling for Infidelity

Most of the time both partners want to work to save the relationship. At Novus, we have found that many couples harmed by infidelity stay together and work it out. Professional counseling can help speed up the process of healing the relationship. In some cases, infidelity counseling helps both partners discover what they need in their relationship.

Couples Counseling

We use proven techniques that focus on fixing your problems together as a couple. This gives both of you an equal chance to grow as individuals and as a couple. You will learn skills for communicating openly with each other so that you can move past old patterns of behavior that no longer work for either of you.

Sex Addiction

At Novus, we see sex addiction as the compulsive use of sex to deal with painful feelings and moods. The behavior leaves the person feeling guilty and shameful. It creates more problems in the person’s life. To deal with these problems and the emotional pain the person turns back to sex to find some escape. The sex addiction cycle continues.

Betrayal Trauma Therapy

Our experience here at Novus Mindful Life Family Counseling and Recovery has shown us that when people cheat, it is not because they do not love their spouse or partner or want to end their relationship. Most of our clients love and cherish their families and have a strong desire to keep them intact and happy!

Anxiety Therapy

When you have anxiety, it feels like the problem is never going to end. But know that many people experience this feeling. Anxiety can be one of the most common emotional complaints, and in no way are you alone with your worries. Stress, tension, and fear happen for many of us at some point, so don’t let anxiety stop you from living!

Depression Counseling

Novus Mindful Life Institute offers depression counseling to help you find peace and happiness in your life again. We offer individual, group, family, and couples therapy for those suffering from depression or anxiety disorders. Let us show you how our personalized approach can change your life for the better today!

EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy is an evidence-based nontraditional therapy approach to deal with overwhelming thoughts, feelings, and emotions. EMDR is designed to lower negative feelings and memories by using bilateral brain stimulation. EMDR is often done with back and forth eye movements more similar to what happens in REM sleep.

Counseling or psychotherapy is an important part of the work we do at NOVUS Mindful Life Institute.

Individual counseling, also known as one-on-one counseling, provides a place for you to feel safe and secure for you to begin your recovery journey.

Individual counseling, also known as one-on-one counseling, provides a place for you to feel safe and secure for you to begin your recovery journey.Your counselor or therapist will first complete an assessment, which gives him or her a great deal of information in order to design a treatment plan especially for you. The counselor then develops a treatment plan, which is like a guide. It contains a list of problems and a list of goals.

The counselor then reviews this with you to make sure you agree. The counseling then focuses on helping you to achieve these goals. Periodically, your counselor will review this plan with other counselors at Novus, to get another perspective. This team approach to treatment helps ensure we provide a high quality of service.

Your counselor will likely want to meet with you every week or every two weeks for ongoing counseling

These sessions are a place for you to talk about your life–what is good, what is a problem, what you want to change, how to change it, how your life got to be this way, and so on. This is also a time to learn how to be successful in recovery. You will learn new ways to cope, different ways to think, and strategies to be successful.

Some people–although not all–experience intense emotion during some of their appointments. One reason for this is that many people are not used to really opening up to another person, and it can feel like a relief to finally have a place to talk, and to have an open-minded, non-judgmental counselor to provide help and solutions.

In long-term counseling, which many people in recovery require, some very positive healing work occurs

Often, the focus falls on looking at primary caregivers (usually parents) and how they influenced us–both positively and negatively. The goal is not to blame, but to understand and heal. This can be a difficult phase of counseling, but is usually quite liberating.

Finally, it is important that you trust your counselor and have a good rapport

So it is very important to have the right counselor. Just like all human relationships, we feel more comfortable with some people than with others. Not every counselor is right for every client. Because of this, it is important that you make sure it seems like a good fit, that it feels right to you. If you would like to talk with someone about scheduling individual counseling, or if you have questions that we have not addressed here, please call us today.

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