Does Society Have a Sex Addiction Problem?

Sex addiction is really quite a controversial topic. Although often dismissed or treated as a joke, in fact sex addiction is a growing problem in modern society.

Understanding What Sex Addiction Is
In simple terms, sex addiction is an addiction to the experience of sex. Technically speaking sex addiction is not an accepted medical diagnosis; however, research has shown that it shares the same chemical reward system as other addictions – including drugs.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to pin down sex addiction because the concept itself makes it difficult to distinguish from other similar conditions such as hypersexuality, hypomania, and certain disorders.

Wondering if Porn Addiction and Sex Addiction are the Same?

People often mix up porn addiction and sex addiction, so just to be clear: They are not the same.
At best, porn addiction can be considered a ‘type’ of sex addiction that takes on a different form. In theory, sex addiction has several such types, including addiction to masturbation, prostitution, sadism, exhibition, voyeurism, and other sexual pursuits that may be excessive.

Keep in mind that neither sex addiction nor porn addiction is accepted medical diagnosis, nor are the ‘types’ of sex addiction.

What Is EMDRSymptoms of Sex Addiction

There are certain symptoms that can be associated with sex addiction. These symptoms are both physical as well as emotional.
The main emotional symptoms of sex addiction are connected to a lack of healthy boundaries. For example, if you have a sex addiction you may end up more easily sexually or emotionally involved with others, regardless of whether you know them well.
Many sex addicts also have a fear of abandonment and feel empty when they are alone. At times this may compel them to jump from relationship to relationship or make them stay in relationships that aren’t healthy for fear for being alone.
As far as physical symptoms are concerned, sex addicts can feel immobilized due to their sexual or emotional obsessions. It should be noted that there are other physical side effects of sex addiction – but they aren’t symptoms.

Where to Find Help?

If you feel powerless over how you act sexually or find that your sexual choices are interfering with your life – it is best to get help.

Novus Mindful Life understands sex addiction and is ready to assist you in re-establishing a healthy relationship with Sex through our personal sex addiction therapy sessions.

Make no mistake, there may be a lot of debate over whether society has a sex addiction problem, but the fact is that sex addiction has been shown to exist.

If Sex Addiction left unchecked it could very well disrupt your life, relationships, and even cause other issues such as depression.

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