Sexual Addiction: The Power Of Positive Decisions In Healing

For those suffering from sexual addiction, each day finds you facing vital choices that can place you on the path to healing and victory, or falling back into past failures and difficulties. When it comes to healing, hope is often uncovered in the positive decisions that we choose – even when the negative outcomes seem more pleasurable or exciting.

At Novus Mindful Life, we are passionate about helping individuals suffering from sexual addiction find hope through positive-focused counseling and therapy practices. Unfortunately, many individuals who may find hope through counseling and therapy often avoid these opportunities due to misplaced expectations or assumptions.

When it comes to counseling and therapy, there is a belief that individuals who seek help only do so because they are unable to make the decisions that are necessary to result in positive outcomes. However, as our team has worked with individuals in various types and extremes of sexual addiction, we can tell you that this is far from the truth.

The thought that seeking therapy equates to powerlessness is a disease that pervades popular opinion – and is one of the main reasons that so few individuals will seek help until it is too late. While many seek my guidance in the midst of difficult circumstances, just as many seek to learn techniques for reframing failure, focusing on positive reinforcement, and making life choices that lift up their lives.

Freedom Is Found In A Mindset Change

When individuals enter counseling seeing themselves as failures, there is little hope that they will find the inner strength to make decisions that lead to hope. Whether through a lack of opportunity or chances missed, these clients often view themselves as incapable or powerless – the perfect recipe for consistent failure.

In therapy and counseling, there is the possibility to overcome failure and find hope in a safe space. While letting down your guard can be a scary and difficult experience, learning techniques that allow you to see yourself in victory is one of the most effective ways to empower yourself in making decisions that impact your life in positive ways. The key? Discovering the power of true self-awareness.

The Power of Self-Awareness

Many individuals who struggle to overcome sexual addiction learn that their biggest obstacle is a lack of self-awareness of themselves and their situations.

Rather than seeing themselves as a uniquely-empowered individual who has the power to overcome their suffering, they see their circumstances as too bad to overcome. Their deeply-ingrained self-conscious feelings and fears keep them from finding the strength to make the positive choices necessary to overcome the bonds of slavery to their temptations and fears.

What if those deep in sexual addiction could view themselves as an individual with positive potential and possibility, rather than a failure who has missed opportunities for healing?

This is the magic of targeted therapy sessions. In positive-reinforcement counseling, individuals can begin to crush the walls of negativity that keep them from moving forward and learn techniques to fight negative thoughts. With tactics such as relabeling and the building of new self-awareness, those in therapy will soon find themselves better able to make positive life choices and overcome their addiction.

Find Your Positive Reinforcement

We could all use a little reinforcement in our corner. When it comes to therapy, the secret to success is focusing on building routines and skills that lead to empowerment rather than depending on instantaneous victory over sexual addiction.

Here’s the fact: life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Learning methods for how to respond and react to changes when they occur can help you to choose positive choices and outcomes. These tools and techniques will help you to stop negative thought patterns in their tracks and allow you to redirect your thought life toward more positive patterns.

At Novus Mindful Life, our team of trained mental health and addiction experts can help you learn the skills necessary for adding a daily boost of positive reinforcement to your daily life. Learn more about our sexual addiction therapy options online, and contact a member of our team today to discover how Novus Mindful Life can help you begin the journey to hope and healing today!

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