Hypersexuality Disorder | What is hypersexual behavior?

You may have heard the term “hypersexual” or come across it during research you have conducted regarding yourself or a loved one. And while the name can lead to some assumptions about its definition, it is helpful to understand what it is and what it is not.

What it is Hypersexuality Disorder

Hypersexuality is defined by Psychology Today as “sexual behavior that includes limited control of excessive and problematic sexual fantasies, urges, and behaviors.” Individuals exhibiting this behavior usually have an excessive desire for engagement in sex addiction treatment long beach encounters, which often results in elevated levels of distress due to the inability to ever find fulfillment.

In the natural order of things, your sexual needs could be met by having one partner, but those with hypersexual disorder feel the need to maintain multiple partners to fulfill their desires. This complicates the physical and emotional states of all involved and can cause significant issues even beyond those stemming from the hypersexual drive.

Though there is some debate in the psychology community, hypersexual behavior is considered an addiction by most, meaning that it has a profound impact on the brain which causes the addictive cycle to continue until an intervention.

Is it really a problem?

When left unresolved, a sexual addiction will continue to do physical, mental, and emotional damage to every party involved. Hypersexuality has the potential to negatively impact your health because of the higher risk of STDs, your personal life because of your desire to find additional sexual partners or participate in online sexual encounters, and your everyday functioning because of your preoccupation with sex before anything else. It is likely that you have found yourself lying, skipping family or work obligations, or putting yourself in danger along the way.

But you do not have to continue to live like this.

How can it be treated? Hypersexuality Disorder

The best way to get to the root of the hypersexuality issue and achieve a healthy sex addiction counseling lifestyle is by talking with a specialized counselor. They will be able to help you process what has been going on, determine what a healthy sexual lifestyle would look like, begin to repair relationships, and develop a plan for moving forward. They are equipped with the tools that can help you control your sexual desires and set up milestones along the way to gauge your progress and encourage you to continue on. This will not happen overnight but can be very useful if you put in the time and effort to reclaim the life you were meant to live.

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