5 Tips to Build Trust and Honesty in a Relationship

All of us are born with an inherent ability to trust fellow humans and lack of trust may not necessarily be something that preexists in a relationship. Psychologists specializing in Couples counseling long beach suggest that lack of trust in a relationship may develop over a period of time. This usually happens when a partner fails to live up to certain promises and/or does not initiate any actions that demonstrate trust in their partner. If you’re feeling uncomfortable or insecure due to some level of mistrust in your existing relationship, these tips might help you bring back the trust and honesty in your relationship:

Tip#1: Improved communication

There is no denying the fact that communication is the most critical factor that helps develop trust in a relationship. If you’re feeling disconnected with your partner, it might be a good idea time to spend some quality time together and communicate about each other’s problems. This is always better than isolating yourself and allowing your hurt or anger build up. And communication is best done in person, not over the phone or via emails/texts. Avoid holding back and share everything related to the relationship that is bothering you.

Tip#2: Match your actions with your words

Relationships often become dull and predictable when the substance is replaced with form. When saying “I love you” becomes more of a routine rather than a genuine expression of feeling, there is a possibility of disconnection and mistrust. In order to avoid any sort of dishonest communication, it is critical to be respectful and match your actions with your words. If you say you’re in love with your partner, try showing your affection through actions such as taking them out for a nice meal and so on.

Tip#3: Be honest with yourself first

Building trust in a relationship begins with being true to your own self. If you aren’t sure about what you’re seeking in a relationship, how can you expect your partner to meet your needs? Hence, it is best to spend some time with yourself and get a clear idea about your short term and long term goals in a relationship (marriage, children, career etc.) Such an exercise can significantly help in building a trusting and honest relationship with your partner.

Tip#4: Develop some empathy

There is a stark difference between empathy and sympathy. And empathy is a key aspect in building a strong and trusting relationship. When engaging with your partner, try and view the situation from their point of view too. Are your partner’s needs being honestly met? Putting yourself in your partner’s shoes can go a long way in building a trusting and empathetic relationship that works well for the both of you.

Tip#5: Embrace feedback from your partner

Just as it is important to share honestly with your partner, it is also necessary to be willing to listen to their genuine concerns and feedback, directed towards you. Becoming defensive or viewing the situation as personal criticism can further damage the relationship.

It would be rather naïve to expect a relationship to sail smoothly at all times. If you don’t encounter any rocky terrains, you will never know the level of strain that your relationship can take. Hence, instead of avoiding hurdles, work on building a relationship that is strong enough to overcome potential setbacks.

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