Counseling For Depression In Long Beach

Are You Feeling Depressed, Tired & Alone?

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Depression Counseling In Long Beach, Seal Beach & Orange County

Are you struggling with depression?

Sometimes when we are depressed, we just don’t feel like ourselves.

You may feel tired, irritable and cranky a lot of the time. You may also just lack energy and feel sad and tearful not always knowing why.

You can end up feeling hopeless and lost in your life. Not having the energy to take any action to change it.

Modern life can be filled with stress. Trying to cope with work, family, finances, relationships, friendships, and even our health can feel overwhelming. Sometimes it can just feel too much.

We all can feel down at times, but depression is different, and there is hope.

Some common signs and symptoms of depression.

Some feelings you may experience when struggling with depression are:

  • empty, sad or anxious
  • worthless
  • feeling helpless and hopeless
  • just plain irritable
  • things don’t seem as enjoyable anymore
  • lack of energy
  • sleeping too much
  • sleeping to little
  • unable to focus
  • lost in thoughts
  • thinking of suicide
  • lots of physical aches and pains

There is help for depression.

If you are experiencing some of these sign of depression, know that there is a solution. Counseling can give you concrete steps you can take to change how you feel. Counseling techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), mindfulness and even standard talk therapy can help you overcome depression. All of these help you make changes in your life that impact your mood. A counselor can help you figure out what changes are going to help you feel better.

Why am I depressed?

There can be many reasons for the cause of your depression, and depression is usually something that develops over time. Often, we have a combination of life events and continuing difficulties that lead to an increased feeling of stress and sadness. For some, it can also stem from an increase in personal factors like family history, severe medical illness or drug, and alcohol use. We also can experience depression due to changes in our neurochemistry and our genetics.

Is it hopeless for me?

It can feel overwhelming when dealing with depression. When you first look at it, the changes you need to make can seem so big, but the truth is that you only need to make small changes over time to overcome depression. These small lifestyle changes impact your brain. You begin to stimulate your nerve cells to form new more positive neuropathways. Our counselors can help you figure out the little changes that you need to make to help you create more positive feelings in your life.

Getting help for depression.

Our expert counselors can help you come up with an effective treatment plan that can help you overcome depression and fell better. Counseling for depression can give you the skills needed to change how you feel and stop the depression cycle.


Using feedback informed treatment for excellent care.

At Novus Mindful life Institute we use an evidence-based protocol called Feedback Informed Treatment or FIT. FIT gives us the ability to track your progress and adapt to your counseling needs. Using FIT increases our effectiveness to help you feel better.

When you are depressed, help and hope may seem miles away. But guidance exists. Counseling for Depression in Long Beach helps both Major Depression and Chronic Depression. All our counselors and therapists are Master’s Degree-trained and have experience in working with people who want to feel better. Our counselors will get to know you and learn your struggle. They will recommend types of counseling that will be beneficial to you. Together, you can begin your journey toward feeling better and even happy.

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