What Constitutes a Healthy Relationship? The Qualities that Really Counts!

Everyone wants to be in a relationship which is full of love, joy, respect, and trust. But after being exposed to a series of unhealthy relationships, most people lose the ability to identify and define a truly fulfilling and healthy relationship.

Here are a few essential qualities that will help you identify a meaningful and long-lasting relationship:

When both partners take the ownership of their personal happiness

A lot of people assume that their partner should be the ultimate source of their joy and happiness. They believe that their companion should be able to give meaning to their life and fill them up with love. Unfortunately, these people stand to be disappointed. Relationship experts suggest that truly healthy and vibrant relationship is one where both partners take the ownership of their personal happiness and are not dependent on each other for always ‘feeling good’.

Open communication is the basis of the relationship

Honest and open communication serves as the solid foundation of a Relationship Counseling. Both partners should be able to talk about their thoughts and feelings without being judged or criticized. Honest communication helps build a strong connection between the partners and is a vital sign of a healthy relationship. Besides enjoying the freedom to talk openly, partners should also make some space for listening to each other without getting distracted.

Partners value mutual respect

All relationships typically begin with one person chasing the other. It’s almost like winning a trophy or prize when you’re finally in a relationship with the person you love. Unfortunately, most people tend to forget about their partner’s needs and feelings when they’re officially together. A key sign of a healthy relationship is when both partners are respectful towards each other and exercise caution with their actions, behaviors, and words. In other words, shared sensitivity is a crucial part of a healthy relationship.

Commitment to the relationship

While it is important for partners to be committed to each other, what is even more critical is a commitment to the relationship. Another sign of a healthy relationship is when partners think about the future and health of their relationship, as a team, rather than focusing only on their personal happiness. Such couples are inclined towards taking concrete steps to make their relationship stable and long-lasting. They also work hard to retain the fun and excitement in a relationship by trying out new things together. This will help to keep terms such as affairs, infidelity, cheating, and so on well away from your relationship.

No partner is trying to ‘fix’ or control the other

No two people are alike. There is bound to be a sea of difference in the way both partners think and behave in a relationship. For instance, one partner might be a procrastinator while the other one loves to run around and get everything done early. In healthy relationships, neither of the two partners tries to ‘fix’ the other or push them to do things they like. The idea is to respect the mutual differences and not attempt to change each other. When people are allowed to live on their terms, they are likely to be happier and this ultimately contributes to the health of the relationship. Hence, nagging is not particularly a trait seen in partners who share a healthy relationship.

A healthy relationship is not something that will evolve on its own; it is something that you have to strive for. If, for any reason, you think your relationship with your partner is deteriorating, contact Novus. Our team of professionals can help you get back on track!

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