Pornography Addiction Treatment – For Women

Do You Think You Might Be Addicted To Porn?

You are not alone.

“I knew I wanted to stop. Porn was taking over my life. I had this secret and if anyone found out it was all over. How could I look at the people I cared about? My husband would leave me, and how could I look at my children? If they knew this dark side of me, the shame and guilt would overtake me. This is a man’s problem, so why am I struggling with it? Women don’t struggle with porn.”

These are often some of the conversations we have with women who are struggling with pornography.

The first thing to know is that this is not just a man’s problem. Women can become addicted to pornography as well.

The internet has made pornography easily available. Young women are starting to look at porn around the age of 13-17. These are the years our brains are making some big changes and internet pornography can impact that development.

In one recent German study, porn use among college-age students showed that 17% of the woman asked stated they struggled porn use.

After some time, your brain can become addicted. It becomes a way to deal with the stress, anxiety and loneliness of life. When a woman consistently watches porn depression can become part of the whole process.

Novus Can Help You Find Freedom From Porn

We have the expertise and understanding to put you on the path to change your life and/or save your relationship.

  • Our experts bring strong, cutting-edge treatment options to women who are struggling with porn addiction.
  • We understand this problem.
  • We have many success stories of women turning their lives around.

You Have Found Help.

“Women porn addicts flourish in counseling and therapy, finally being able to articulate the metaphorical prison that they have been in because of their addiction. Specifically, women gain strength and courage from exploring their thoughts and feelings in counseling. Women are finally able to share thoughts, feelings and beliefs that have been suppressed for a long time.”

–Julia Breyer, MSW, ACSW, Sex and Porn Addiction Counselor

A Helper For The Journey

As humans, we are wired for connection. Therefore, porn addiction recovery must happen with a counselor–one who understands the unique challenges of sex, porn and love addiction recovery.

“I will help you on this journey. I will teach you strategies to help the pain not feel so bad and help you create the peace you want.”

Porn Addiction Experts

We have helped many women recover from sex, love and porn addiction. We utilize materials and teachings from Patrick Carnes, PhD, and Kelly McDaniel, LPCC. Our gentle and caring approach helps you feel safe and cared for while you are working on difficult issues. We will collaborate with you so you can find peace and freedom in your life.

Emotional Work With A Gentle Approach

Many powerful emotions are at the core of porn addiction. These emotions, like shame, pain, guilt and fear, must be carefully tended to in counseling. Our approach is caring and compassionate, guiding my clients through the maze of treatment options and steps.

Expert Treatment At Novus

Novus Mindful Life Institute has been treating love addiction and sex addiction for many years and is known as the premier Orange County and Long Beach provider to help clients with this painful struggle. Our offices in Santa Ana and Long Beach are conveniently located to make it easier for you to access help.