How To Get Help At Novus

If you are struggling with out of control sexual behavior

If you are struggling with pornography addiction

If you are struggling to save your marriage or relationship…

If you have disconnected from your spouse or partner…

If your life has been affected by any of these problems…

You can get help at Novus.  You can.  We are here waiting to help you.   

Novus Mindful Life Institute Counseling and Recovery Center, is a counseling office in Long Beach, California, offering a team of therapists trained in the fields of marriage counseling, couples counseling, family therapy and sex addiction treatment and pornography addiction treatment.  

The best way to get help at Novus is to come into our office, located near the border of Seal Beach, and participate in services that can help you gain knowledge and understanding as to why the challenges you are facing exist as well as develop resources and skills to overcome them.  

Step 1: Call

You can call 562-431-5100 to schedule a one-hour intake appointment to meet with a compassionate therapist with whom you can share your story.  Your therapist can then inform you about what resources are available to help you as well as guide you in making a plan to overcome your struggles and move your life in the direction of true healing and recovery.

Step 2: Attend a Session

Clients who receive support at Novus often attend individual therapy once a week, however some people, who need more intensive care, take advantage of multiple services to achieve genuine healing.  

Counseling sessions at Novus takes place in many forms:

  1. Individual Therapy – Individual counseling occurs one on one with a therapist and provides a private place for you to feel safe and secure as you begin your healing journey.
  2. Couples Therapy – Couples counseling provides a starting point to re-establish communication and open dialogue towards re-building trust, commitment and hope for the future.
  3. Group Therapy – Group counseling each week among individuals with similar struggles can help you feel understood and less alone, while receiving support from those who have “been there”.
  4. Recovery Coaching – Recovery coaching provides a supplement to therapy and serves as a resource to keep you moving in the right direction between sessions in our office.
  5. Intensive Workshops – Intensive workshops help you “dig in” to your healing journey by providing new information and allowing you to practice new skills for building a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Long Term Intensive Outpatient Treatment – Daily Treatment over the course of six weeks allows you to build a strong recovery while staying engaged with your family, work and life.

All sessions are billable to insurance.  Clients who have PPO insurance plans with mental health coverage may be eligible to receive partial reimbursement for the costs of the sessions.

Step 3:  Prioritize Self-Care

You are always in control of what therapists you choose to work with and how often.  Your primary counselor will simply serve as a resource to help you make decisions for yourself, your life and your family that will bring you health and happiness.  

Whether you come in for a session 1 time, 10 times or many sessions over the course of a year, prioritizing this essential care for yourself, as you would with any other type of medical appointment, and making the commitment to attend sessions regularly while you work to recover can be a true gift to yourself.  

You can easily access Novus for appointments by calling 562-431-5100 or visiting our website at  Novus is here.  Choose healing and recovery.  Choose joy and health.  Call us today!      

Let Us Help You With Personalized Therapy