How “Core Values” Aid In The Recovery From Sex Addiction

For individuals suffering from the debilitating hold of sexual addiction, finding a silver lining of hope can seem almost impossible in the midst of the struggle. Many struggle to complete the journey toward freedom and healing when they cannot find footholds by which to remind themselves of their purpose and motivation. The importance of finding a long-term healing solution to sexual addiction is vital for ensuring that an addict returns to a place of health and prosperity in their lives.

One of the tools that many mental health professionals utilize to aid in the healing process from sexual addiction is identifying an individual’s “Core Values.” Core Values create an unchanging signpost that allows an addict to stop in the midst of temptation or addictive behavior, analyze their available options, and move toward healing rather than destruction.

For those struggling with sexual addiction, the ability to make logical choices can quickly diminish during the “fever pitch” of temptation. When faced with enticing sexual stimuli, the parts of the brain that have become conditioned to desire sexual fulfillment are flooded with chemical responses that crave fulfillment – not unlike those who suffer from drug or alcohol dependency. To override this powerful and numbing stimulus, a set of strong and unchanging Core Values must be in place to stop the individual from moving ahead with their behavior.

The Core Values That Lead To Hope & Healing

For Core Values to be effective, they must allow the addict to remember the value quickly, assess the past damage that acting out on sexual addiction has caused, and make an informed decision based on morals over desire. Core Values place an increased emphasis on those parts of someone’s life that are worth sacrificing temporary pleasure to avoid.

There are many Core Values that individuals may choose to place in their lives – values that allow them to draw upon deep-seated strength to fight the temptation of sexual addiction. To overcome addictive desires, sex addicts must desire these Core Values above all else:

  • I desire true self-control and real moderation in my life.
  • I want to experience a sense of accomplishment and competence.
  • I desire self-consciousness and awareness of my own choices.
  • I seek to increase my overall health.
  • I desire strong self-esteem and social interactions.
  • I prioritize personal relationships with others and my community.
  • I desire to be honest with myself and other people.
  • I long to have more stamina, energy, and fulfillment.
  • I prioritize an improved sexual relationship with my partner.
  • I will seek reduced shame and guilt in my life.
  • I will experience healthy and sustainable sources of pleasure.

The Surprising Power of Core Values

When strong Core Values are in place, they will act as a North Star for those suffering through sexual addiction – always pointing toward the path of healing with a bright and unyielding light. The path that ends with restoration and recovery begins by identifying strong Core Values.

Following through with what one has committed to can be a strong internal motivator toward true healing. While addiction can wear away at one’s moral fiber and values, making deliberate choices each and every day to stay true to Core Values will rebuild what has been lost to addiction’s power. Core Values can help give life and provide purpose where addiction has stolen away fulfillment and hope.

Develop Unyielding Core Values With Novus Mindful Life

The journey to healing from sexual addiction is paved with difficult moments. Times of struggle, temptation, and failure will come, but by taking the journey one step at a time, sex addicts can learn how to find daily hope and healing. By placing strong Core Values at the center of their healing process, those suffering from sexual addiction will add another weapon to their arsenal against the invisible enemy.

At Novus Mindful Life, we are proud to feature a team of experienced mental health professionals skilled in helping individuals work toward freedom in all manner of difficulties. We have worked with individuals with varying degrees of sexual addiction, and we are helping those suffering from addiction find hope and healing each and every day. There is hope for those in the middle of their sexual addiction journey.

If you or someone you know is suffering from sexual addiction, and you would like to learn more about the therapy options available through Novus Mindful Life’s sex addiction program, contact our team today. Our trained and experienced counselors are standing by to help you find hope.

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