Online Therapy & Telehealth

Why Online Therapy or Telehealth?

”Online therapy is convenient, safe, and secure. You can participate in online therapy when it is right for you, and when it fits your schedule’‘.

5 Advantages of Online Therapy

  1. Flexible scheduling
  2. Secure and confidential
  3. Saved travel and wait time
  4. Staying home for physical health
  5. Increased comfort & privacy

About Online Therapy & Telehealth

  • Online Therapy & Telehealth are about providing mental health care using the latest online and internet technologies. With the continued advance of online and virtual technologies, Novus Mindful Life Institute is now able to provide mental health services using the power of the internet.
  • Our overall experience is that once a client experiences online therapy, they feel very comfortable working online with an individual or couples therapist.
  • More often than not, clients report feeling safer in online therapy.
  • Talking from the comfort of their own home can help you relax and engage fully in your online therapy session. Imagine feeling comfortable, like many other clients, as you progress forward in your healing in ways that were not always possible with traditional face-to-face therapy.
  • Online and telehealth-based behavioral health meets your need for convenient and readily-assessable mental health services.
  • There is no need to come to a physical location to receive quality therapy. You don’t have to take the time to travel to and from a physical office to get the help you want. You don’t even have to leave the safety of your own home when receiving online therapy.
  • Novus Mindful Life Insitute uses secure online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and VSee. Meetings are easy to set up, and sometimes the only thing you need to do is click a link in your appointment reminder or invitation to start the session.
  • It can help to use earbuds or headphones, but that is not always necessary to have a successful online therapy experience.

Now Offering Online Therapy & Counseling

Does Online Therapy Work?

  • Clinical research shows that online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy for many mental health concerns like depression and anxiety.
  • Research consistently shows that online treatment was consistent with traditional therapy when working with depression and anxiety.
  • Many individuals feel safer when it comes to starting with online therapy. They feel an increase in privacy since they do not have to go to a physical office or waiting room. This often leads to feeling more open with your therapist, which can help you progress towards your goals.
  • It is essential to ask questions and find out more. Our therapists would be happy to meet with you for a brief online session too, so you can see what it like.
    In working with clients online for the last several years, I can tell you that online therapy is beneficial and helpful for many individuals.
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Is Online Therapy Safe?

We use Google Meet, which is HIPAA compliant. This means that your information is encrypted from end to end, and follows all federal and state privacy laws.

Google Meet is super easy to use for online therapy. Click a link in your email, and open the chrome or firefox browser or download the apple or android phone app.

Download the mobile app at the link below.

We use Therapy Notes to keep all our clinical records. They also are required to follow all federal and state health privacy laws.

How Does It Work?
  1. Once you book an initial session, your therapist will send you a link to your Google Meet. Just click on the link in the email to join the meeting.
  2. Your therapist will connect with you online and begin to help you thrive.
  3. If you want to use it on a mobile device or phone, you can download the google meet app and then just click the link in the invitation email.

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