Steps To Heal After Betrayal

Going through a betrayal can be a devastating and traumatic experience. Whether the betrayal occurs in your workplace, with a dear friend, or in the sacred intimacy of a relationship, breaking the bonds of trust can leave you hurt and fearful of opening yourself up to future relationships or opportunities.

Betrayal from a loved one – especially a significant other or spouse – can leave you with wounds that may feel as though they will never heal. These scars can keep you from living a thriving life and pursuing your goals and pursuits.

Fortunately, with the proper care and support, you can begin to take steps toward hope and healing from betrayal. At Novus Mindful Life, our team of trained and experienced therapists and counselors are skilled at guiding those experiencing betrayal through the steps of healing. With time, you can begin to enjoy your life once more without the fear of betrayal. Eventually, you may find yourself willing to step out in trust with a friendship or intimate relationship.

While severe cases of traumatic betrayal should always be worked through the with help of a trained counselor, here are some steps you can take to overcome betrayal in your life:

Steps To Overcoming Betrayal

1. Dig Into The Soil Of Your Life
Betrayal can leave deep wounds that can take root within your subconscious mind. Once they seep down within your inner being, it can be difficult to pull the memories and experiences back up to be dealt with properly.

One of the first steps to healing from betrayal is to take the time to invest in actions that allow you to recognize the hurt and pain you have experienced. Whether through mindfulness exercises, journaling, or talking to a caring mental health expert, digging deep into the soil of your emotions and past is one of the first steps toward true healing.

2. Forgive Yourself (And Others)
Forgiving those who have betrayed you may feel like a step far beyond what you are prepared for at the present moment. However, forgiveness is an essential part of the healing process for anyone who has suffered wrongdoing or pain. However, forgiving doesn’t have to begin with others first. Sometimes, to truly take the steps necessary to heal from trauma, we must forgive ourselves for the unwarranted blame or guilt we have placed on ourselves for the betrayal that has occurred. With a healthy dose of forgiveness, you can free yourself from the bonds of pain and suffering.

3. Journey To Healing With Others
While your pain and suffering are unique, you are not the first to have been betrayed by someone they loved and trusted. There is strength in a community, and if you are ready to take real steps toward healing from your pain there is hope to be found in partnering with others who have healed from their past.

Discover support groups and others who have shared your experience through a trusted mental health professional.

4. Find Two People You Can Trust Unconditionally
Building trust in others requires time and effort. To help you on the path toward trusting others, consider committing yourself to trust two individuals in your life that will support you unconditionally.

These can be lifelong friends, a parent, or a family member who has always been there for you. Starting the process of trust with these individuals can help you build trust with others over time.

5. Take (Small) Leaps Of Faith
As you journey toward recovery from betrayal, invest in small leaps of faith that will allow you to retrain your trust muscles.

Whether it’s a new experience that scares you, an impromptu trip that you’ve always wanted to take, or time with others who love to be with you, small leaps of faith in trust can go a long way toward building strength for longterm trust. Investing in small steps of faith over fear will pay dividends in helping you build trust in the future.

Work With An Expert In Healing & Hope

If you have been betrayed by someone you trusted, the results can be devastating and long-lasting. However, taking the steps necessary to begin to rebuild your trust can help you engage with individuals in the future in ways that protect you from life-altering betrayal. If you are ready to start taking the steps you need to recover from betrayal, connect with a team of caring, experienced mental health professionals who are trained in walking with you through healing.

At Novus Mindful Life, our team of counseling professionals offers a personal touch that moves at your speed of healing. Contact our team today to learn more about our services, and to discover more content to help you understand sexual infidelity and addiction.

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