Things to Know Before Starting Couples Therapy

Maintaining a romantic relationship is not an easy task. Like vehicles, this maintenance needs to be regular to keep it running smoothly. Anytime there is a problem, it is better to have it fixed straight away. This can avoid further escalation down the road.

Often times, we do some of this basic repair and maintenance by ourselves. Other times, despite the effort we put in, we’ll still need to rely on an expert to take a look and give us his/her support.

It is quite amazing how quickly we take such steps to prevent or repair damage to our cars. But with relationships, we usually avoid taking action. The situation becomes more critical.

Unfortunate, most couples try couples therapy after a huge amount of damage has already occurred. The emotional bond is weak and the level of resentment is very high due to unresolved past conflicts.

According to research, the average couple is unhappy for 6 years before starting to seek the help of a couples therapist.  When asked why, couples report they feel it is too time-consuming and challenging. They feel it requires a great deal of effort and commitment from both partners and are unsure about the outcome. Most of this is untrue.

Misconceptions about couples therapy prevent many couples from starting early to look for a solution. Many couples think that couples therapy is only meant for very critical issues, like addiction or infidelity. Others may see it as the last option before making the decision of ending the relationship.

In this post, we’re going to be looking at what couple therapy is all about and how it can help you. Let’s roll.

Its definition

Couples therapy is defined as the act of resolving conflicts and issues that occur in a relationship. Couple therapy helps recognize problems and conflicts that exist within relationships and gives partners concrete solutions to help them solve their problems, and create more joy and happiness.

The reasons why couples seek therapy?

Most couples seek therapy as a last resort. They feel they have invested their love, time, money, and effort into a relationship. It would be disheartening and painful to see their relationship break up. Most relationships that have failed would have been restored, if the couples involved sought a solution earlier. It’s advisable for the couples to start early enough to look for any possible means to resolve the issues. And one of the most effective means of conflict resolution in a relationship is to seek couples therapy. A professional therapist will help to keep the relationship issues from escalating. They will also help to improve your relationship.

When couples need the therapy?

Love is a wonderful element in everyone’s life. Whenever a relationship is having a problem, there is always an expression of pain and grief, and the future breakdown of such relationship can affect the whole aspect of couples.

For most couples, whose relationships are at the point of breaking, there will be a time when the best thing to do, is to decide whether to resolve the problem and still stay together or to quit the relationship and move on. This can be a very difficult decision to take, and it’s a very tough choice one can make throughout his life. The support, help, and therapy provided for such couples will ease them through this emotional and traumatic moment.

Ways by which couple therapy can enhance your relationship

Some of the ways by which the couple therapy can enhance your relationship is as follows;

It enhances good communication.

One effective way by which the couple therapy can change your relationship for the better is by improving the communication line between you and your partner. The foundation of most conflicts in marriage lies in poor communication. Once a professional therapist helps couples to build or enhance their communication skills, they learn the best way to articulate and deal with their anger, fears and other emotions. Communication is essential in a healthy relationship.

It brings back the sense of commitment.

Another important aspect of couple therapy is that it helps to restore back the sense of commitment once seen in the relationship. A good couples therapist will help couples develop the dedication they once had in the relationship. Revisiting the positive parts helps couples gain a willingness to make the effort in couples therapy. When both partners in a relationship feel a sense of commitment from the other they are willing to invest in what it takes to make the relationship work.

It helps to improve their level of understanding each other.

Understanding is very vital for every relationship to stand the test of time. With the help of couples therapy, couples will understand each other, and learn more about each other. They will begin to realize that every one of their actions will either have a positive or a negative effect on the life of their partner.

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