Can Intensive Outpatient Counseling Save Your Life?

If you are struggling with addiction or compulsive behaviors, and they have begun to consistently harm your life, your job, and your relationships, you may need intensive therapeutic treatment to heal and recover.  

Many people choose to attend inpatient programs where they reside in a recovery facility and receive twenty-four hour intensive therapeutic, psychiatric and medical treatment over the course of thirty days, forty-five days, ninety days or more.  Enrollment in an inpatient facility can be extremely expensive and requires a substantial commitment of your time.  Although intensive inpatient programs have proven to be a life-saving resource for many, it is a resource that may not be accessible to everyone who needs it.  For those who do not have the time or money to enroll in an Intensive Inpatient Program, Intensive Outpatient Treatment can be the alternative they need to successfully treat their addiction and potentially save their lives.  

At Novus Mindful Life Institute Counseling and Recovery Center in Long Beach, California, The Intensive Outpatient Program may serve as an excellent alternative to inpatient care:

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is More Affordable –  

Many thirty-day Intensive Inpatient Programs charge upwards of thirty to forty thousand dollars.  Novus’s six-week Intensive Outpatient Program is much more affordable at an average cost of ten thousand dollars for treatment over the course of forty-five days!

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is More Convenient –  

Intensive Inpatient Facilities require patients stay at the facility, often for a month or more.  During this time period, patients cannot work, attend school, participate in family events and sometimes are even limited in their ability to access their phones or email.  Novus’s Intensive Outpatient Program can be customized to each client’s unique scheduling needs to allow you to receive that care you need during times that are convenient for you depending on your daily lifestyle and work, school and family circumstances.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Strengthens Trigger Coping Skills – While participating in inpatient treatment, clients are removed from stressors in their lives, which serve as challenges that could potentially trigger them into engaging in the addictive or compulsive behaviors again.  For clients who are stable enough and have already developed a basic foundation of support and coping mechanisms, Intensive Outpatient Treatment can serve as an excellent daily support system to help them learn to cope with and overcome real life and real time triggers that they face each day.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Can Help Clients Transition From Inpatient Care Back Into The Real World in a Gradual and Systematic Way

While returning home and re-engaging in real life with legitimate family, work and life stressors, clients in Novus’s Intensive Outpatient Program can access their therapist for support and help in strengthening their ability to cope with and overcome these challenges on a daily basis.  Intensive Outpatient Counseling can begin on an intensive schedule and gradually decrease over time as client’s skills and confidence builds and they are able to successfully function independently.      

If you are struggling with sexual addiction, pornography addiction or acting out with compulsive risky behavior and you are unable to enroll for care at an inpatient treatment center, a professional Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program may be the resource you need to truly heal from and overcome this struggle and potentially save your life!  Novus Mindful Life Institute Counseling and Recovery Center, is a counseling office in Long Beach, California, offering a team of therapists trained in the fields of marriage counseling, couples counseling, family therapy and sex and pornography addiction treatment.  

You can easily access Novus for appointments by calling 562-431-5100 or visiting our website at  Novus is here to support you in your healing and recovery journey. Get help today!   

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