We Provide Help For Depression?

Depression is a Severe Condition that Affects Millions of People

With millions confronting depression each day, it has become one of the most powerful feelings that most people face in their lives. This is mainly because the claws of depression tend to be far-reaching, robbing us of all our happiness, peace, and joy.

However, at Novus Mindful Life, we believe it does not have to be this way. One of our core aims has always been to bring peace and happiness to as many people as possible, which is why we continue to offer help for depression to those in need.

Our therapists are licensed professionals and have spent several years building their experience in treating mental health conditions such as depression, and are always glad to offer their services.

Remember, nobody deserves to spend their days feeling down and devastated.

If you or a loved one has currently been struggling with depression and would like to hear more about how counseling can help bring you closer to peace and happiness, please visit us at Novus Mindful Life, Long Beach.


What is Depression?

Depression is a long-lasting, transformative mood disorder that hinders us from carrying out our daily tasks.

While people who are depressed may describe their emotions as feelings of unhappiness, anger, or loss, it is necessary to understand that depression goes beyond any of these sensations.

While normal feelings of anger and sadness tend to be temporary and fleeting, depression may feel more permanent and is far more impactful.

In essence, while unhappiness and anger are regular emotions that should fade over time, depression is a mental order that you must treat.


Other Symptoms of Depression

There are various other symptoms of depression, including:

  • Reduced energy and fatigue.
  • Elongated moments of crying or weeping without a direct reason.
  • No interest in hobbies that you used to enjoy.
  • Struggles with insomnia or oversleeping.
  • Severe weight loss.
  • A sense of worthlessness.
  • Struggles with suicidal thoughts.

If you or a loved one has consistently shown multiple of these symptoms, then you must find help for depression as soon as possible. Depression hinders our daily lives and stops us from achieving the goals we set for ourselves. Additionally, this condition may also get worse over time without any treatment.

At Novus Mindful Life, we believe that therapy is the best weapon you can have in the battle against depression. By discovering the root cause of this condition, you can begin developing positive thought patterns and behaviors that will put you back in the driving seat of your life.

If you would like to learn more about how we use counseling to treat this disorder, please don’t hesitate to leave us a message. Our therapists would love to answer any questions you may have.


What Does Depression Treatment Look Like?

If you have never had any treatment for depression, then the idea may seem scary. However, this solution is much easier than you think, and we believe that you will leave your last session being glad that you had therapy. While your treatment method will vary depending on your symptoms, our core method of fighting depression involves combining talk therapy with medication.

Although we provide various forms of medication, we will likely offer you antidepressants and mood stabilizers to take during your treatment. These prescriptions should help adjust the chemicals in your brain and ease any challenging emotions you may be battling.

However, while the medication is a necessary aspect of our treatment, you should also understand that it cannot remove all your emotional struggles. To truly be free from the grip of depression, you must also go through talk therapy.

At Novus Mindful Life, we offer various forms of counseling, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and other wellness methods. To learn more about which type of therapy will be best for you, please visit us or leave a message.


There is Help for Depression

When you are locked in a battle against depression, it can be easy to feel like there is no way out or that you have to fight it alone. However, this could not be further from the case. One of the proven ways to emerge victorious against this disorder is through robust therapy.

Counseling acts as a base step that will give you balance and allow you to change how you feel. At our practice in Long Beach, we also use proven techniques to help in your fight against depression, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), mindfulness, and standard talk therapy.

Why Am I Depressed?

During a period of depression, it can be easy to question the reasons for the root cause of this emotion. However, there could be several explanations for depression, mainly because it develops over time. In some cases, a combination of life events and continuing difficulties can lead to increased stress and sadness. On the other hand, a challenging family history, increased drug use, and severe medical illnesses may also be reasons for depression.

Is it Hopeless For Me?

Although you may feel like you need to make massive changes to heal from depression, it is often the tiny changes that have a tremendous impact. These small lifestyle transformations have an enormous influence on the brain, allowing you to think differently over time. If you can make these minuscule changes, then you can be free from depression.

Getting Help for Depression

Remember, it is always possible to get help for depression. Our expert counselors can assist you in overcoming depression by developing an effective treatment plan that will help you feel better. Counseling gives you all the skills you need to transform your emotions and stop the cycle of depression in your life.

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