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At Novus Mindful Life, we provide experienced therapists in Long Beach who specialize in all types of mental health concerns.

No matter if you and your significant other require couples counseling or if you are an individual struggling with stress, anxiety, grief, depression, or even if you have a sex addiction, our team can help!‏

If you need a therapist in Long Beach or Orange County, we have one for you at Novus Mindful Life.

Stress & Anxiety

Stress is a natural part of life that we all deal with daily. However, when it becomes overwhelming, it can be difficult to address properly or even address at all.

Sometimes we can allow our stresses to go unchecked for too long- even years. When this happens, what used to be overwhelming becomes impossible to discern without some help.

Anxiety occurs as the mind’s natural response to potential dangers. It is healthy and otherwise useful to have at the right times. Yet, when your daily life becomes filled with feelings of dread or “impending doom”, it begins to become debilitating. We can help.

‏At Novus Mindful Life, we know that every situation and every person is different‏. Our approach is variable on a case-by-case basis; we look at your personal situation to find out where your stress and/or anxiety is coming from before we try to alleviate it.

We also cross-examine your primary concerns with any possible comorbidities (conditions that may attribute to or affect your primary concerns).

We want you to live your life as best as you can, free from overbearing worries.

Our skilled clinicians can help to bring you peace of mind by getting you back to a place where you feel comfortable in your everyday life.

Our services are designed for any people or persons including adults, children, families, couples, and everything in between‏.

If you are struggling with anything and need a therapist in Long Beach, please reach out. The sooner you resolve your concerns, the sooner you can get back to living your life.

Addictions To Porn Or Sex‏

Sex is a very personal part of life. It’s not a thing that is widely and easily discussed among people. Masturbation is even more of a personal topic and is almost forbidden to speak of in today’s society.

For this reason, sex and porn addiction go easily dismissed as normal, even when it affects a person’s day-to-day life and responsibilities.‏

However, it must be said that sex is a topic that doesn’t have to carry a shameful stigma. It’s not only okay to discuss sex, it’s healthy to do so.

We have certified therapists in Long Beach who are experts on the subject, who won’t make you ashamed of your sexual appetites.

Our clinicians know the path to a healthy addiction-free life and can help you achieve such a life, free from the burden of shame. We’ve helped many people take control of their impulses and we’ve been a part of many success stories.

To answer your question; if you have to think about it for more than a few seconds (at most), then yes, it’s likely that you struggle with porn addiction. The only shame to be felt would be from not coming to terms with it and getting the help you deserve.

Let us be part of your success story; contact one of our therapists in Long Beach today!

We Offer Help With:

Now Offering Online Therapy & Counseling

Depression Counseling ‏

Sadness is a natural and healthy response to negative stimuli, whether internal or external. Some of us get lost in this emotion when bad things keep happening or when we perceive our environment to be constantly negative.

It’s important to know that sadness alone does not equate to depression. It can also mean a person is constantly on edge or irritable and almost always is accompanied by feelings of worthlessness, despair, “greyness”, and an inability to enjoy anything the person once did.

However, depression is the most common psychiatric concern in the western world- affecting a third of the population. If you suspect that you may be suffering from depression, there’s no time to waste. Getting the help you deserve could be life-changing and even life-saving.

Novus Mindful Life Institute can help you live your life again! All it takes is for you to reach out. If you can’t seem to find the willpower to make it out of bed, we understand entirely.

You can now have telehealth counseling sessions from home, with a Novus Mindful Life therapist in Long Beach; so there’s no pressure to be any less comfortable than you want to be.

We know that life with depression is debilitating. That’s why we want to help you feel better and return to living your life!

Depression is more than just a sad mood- it’s a risk you take every day just waking up with a bleak vision of the world.

Don’t take the risk any longer. We truly want to help because helping you see the world in a better light, helps the world to be brighter. Contact us to make an appointment with a therapist in Long Beach today!

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Grief, Loss & Mourning‏

‏Experiencing large life changes can be a daunting process, sometimes even if the changes are for the better. If, for instance, you have to move away from home to pursue your dream career, you’ll be faced with the grief of moving away from everything you’ve ever known. This can set in motion a series of emotions that are confusing and difficult to deal with on your own.

Commonly the cause of grief is the loss of a loved one. There’s nothing easy about losing a person who means so much to you and there’s nothing easy about coming to terms with that. So it’s reasonable to assume that it won’t be easy to admit that you may need help in overcoming this chapter of your life. That’s why we’re here.

‏There are a lot of different feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that are associated with grief. These behaviors and thoughts can be split into two main categories: instrumental and intuitive grief.

Many people blend these two approaches to grief. Fortunately, grief can be a passing phase for some people and they will quickly return to their normal life. In some instances, however, grief can be prolonged and will end up affecting a person’s health.

‏If you or your family need help to cope with grief, contact our Novus Mindful Life therapists in Long Beach. This is an opportunity to explore your feelings and memories without judgment. We understand that when it comes to loss, nothing can be classified as being too small. Contact us today and stop enduring this pain.


couple holding hands during a therapy sessionCouples & Marriage Counseling‏‏

Couples counseling at Novus Mindful Life will typically go like this; the first therapy session will start with basic questions regarding the history of the relationship.

The therapist will take a look into each partner’s family history, values, and cultural background. In some cases, our therapists in Long Beach might also use the first sessions for crisis intervention if necessary.

‏Our expert therapists at Novus Mindful Life will assist you in identifying the issues you and your partner are experiencing. These will be the focus of your treatment. They will also help you identify realistic goals to allow you and your partner to come up with a structured treatment plan for each subsequent counseling session.

‏Your treatment with one of our therapists in Long Beach will help you to understand the relational dynamics which are likely creating the problems. They will allow you insight into these dynamics by helping you see where you are either helping or hindering the negative aspects of these issues.

These sessions will help you grow both as an individual and as a couple. You will gain communication skills that will help you overcome the behaviors that threaten the stability of your relationships. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for couples counseling.

‏Counseling for Infidelity‏‏

Most adults remain monogamous in their relationships, as is the goal, most of the time. However, for one reason or another, some of these relationships fall prey to infidelity. The most common reasons that are found at the root of the problem are a lack of satisfaction in the relationship or a lack of intimacy.

A stable relationship is built on trust and security. If a partner breaks these tenants it’s likely to cause the other partner to feel less secure, thereby triggering a breach of trust. At this point, it can be nearly impossible to regain stability without some form of counseling or intervention.

If you want to restabilize your relationship and begin to live a healthy happy life together once more, contact a therapist in Long Beach today at Novus Mindful Life.

We have found that many couples who decide to work through their issues together stay together. The desire of both partners to fix the relationship is often the most powerful tool you’ll have.

If your trust has been broken or if you have broken your partner’s trust and would like to regain stability in your relationship, our professional therapists in Long Beach can help the process of healing the relationship.

You may find that there are more strengths in your relationship than you thought. Contact us today and come begin the process of healing your instabilities, at Novus Mindful Life!‏


Therapists In Long Beach @ Novus Mindful Life

Mental health concerns and/or relationship issues are a very real part of our daily lives. No person is immune to either of these and will likely have to deal with them both at some point. This is why it’s helpful to have professional counseling sessions even when you feel impervious to life’s hooks and jabs.

By contacting a Novus Mindful Life therapist in Long Beach, you will be amazed to discover many things about yourself that you may never have otherwise known. You’ll discover the tools necessary to overcome your mental health issues or to live with them successfully.‏

‏Novus Mindful Life helps people from all walks of life connect with skilled and compassionate counselors and therapists. Our therapists in Long Beach are determined to help you while helping to eliminate the stigma that stops people from seeking help in the first place.

At Novus, we provide a compassionate team of professionals who will work with you with a level of commitment that you will not find anywhere else. Let us help you start or further your recovery today.