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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Are you considering marriage counseling? First, go ahead and ask these questions about yourself, your spouse, and your marriage.

  • Did you get married at an early age?
  • Are you in an interfaith marriage?
  • How often do you criticize one another?
  • Did you notice a lot of defensiveness in your marriage?
  • Is there a tendency to withdraw from one another?
  • Do you often feel contempt and anger towards each other?
  • Are you struggling with communication?
  • Is there a history of infidelity or abuse in your marriage?

If you answered “yes” to the majority of these questions, then you must seek marriage counseling right away. Divorce is not inevitable. However, you will need to work extra hard to get your marriage back on track. As marriage counselors, we can help you with that work.

Even if you and your spouse communicate well and have proper resolution skills, you might still benefit a lot from counseling at times of transition. Some couples go for marriage counseling to reinforce their communication skills and establish a stronger connection.

Restore Your Loving Connection.

Our marriage counseling Long Beach sessions heal intimate bonds. We have taken a lot of time to find ways to lessen or alleviate relationship distress. This will lead to enhanced marital satisfaction. If you are experiencing difficulties in your marriage, don’t delay. Connect with our most experienced marital counselors today.

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Do We Need Marriage Counseling?

Goals for Couple Therapy

As your marriage moves through the different stages and experiences, a lot of conflicts can occur. That is not to say that minor arguments are not expected in a marriage. However, there are more complex and deeper arguments that can cause you and your partner to consider divorce. This is because sometimes when arguments and issues remain unresolved, partners will start to question whether a resolution is even possible.

This will cause you to start drifting apart, and you may start thinking that your partner is not compatible or that you want different things in life. To add to those problems, infidelity may enter the picture. Before you decide whether or not marriage counseling is a solution, you should first acknowledge that your marriage is in trouble. So if you both agree, the decision to go for marriage counseling must be made by both of you.

Once you are at this stage, marriage counseling will likely be highly beneficial. The marriage counselor’s job in this instance will be to help improve the communication between everyone in your family. This will help resolve any deep-seated emotional hurt.

The decision to go for marriage counseling is a crucial first step in resuscitating your marriage. When both of you have acknowledged that your marriage is in trouble and that you need help, there will be a greater chance that your relationship can be repaired.



Choosing the Perfect Type of Marriage Counseling

Getting the Most from Couples Counseling

At  Novus Mindful Life,  there are several types of counseling available for couples. However, all these different types seek to strengthen bonds and help you gain a better understanding of your partner and vice versa.  marriage counseling Long Beach  can also help partners who are planning to get married. However, this type of counseling is better known as premarital counseling. 

The main goal of premarital counseling is to help you and your partner learn how to better communicate with each other and deal with issues peacefully. These sessions will basically help you to “iron out your differences” before you get married. 

However, most people who are interested in  marriage counseling Long Beach  are spouses who are dealing with relationship issues. Here are some of the issues that can be dealt with during marriage counseling:

  • Poor Communication – Argument, Criticism, Misunderstandings, etc.
  • Financial Problems – Debt, Poor Financial Management, and Overspending
  • Sexual Dysfunction – Different Sexual Preferences, Low Libido, and Premature Ejaculation
  • Parenting Challenges – Defiance, Learning Disabilities, Behavioral Issues,
  • Substance Abuse – Addiction
  • Anger & Rage, Infidelity, and Divorce 

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Our Assessment Before Marriage Counseling

Before the therapeutic process begins, it is recommended to go through a concentrated assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to explore the roots of your daily marital issues.

This is what tells the therapist how to approach your unique case and find ways to guide you into greater marital happiness. Our therapists will help you target the most prominent issues more effectively. 

Before any therapy sessions, both you and your partner should give the therapist an in-depth picture of your relationship. Our marital counselors are trained to properly interpret your words and get a clear picture of what is happening in your marriage. 

The focus of the counseling sessions will be on you as well as your marriage. This thorough initial assessment will also reveal details about your family history, current sleep patterns, work stress, support system, and hobbies.

Will We Benefit From Marriage Counseling at Novus Mindful Life?

Common couple therapies

Before you sign up for marriage counseling, there is a way to try and assess whether or not it will work for your marriage. Research by experienced counselors shows that there are couples who might get more from counseling than others. If you are part of this list, chances are you are likely to gain a lot from seeing a marriage counselor:

  • Younger couples
  • Couples who are still in love with each other
  • Both spouses are open to therapy and change
  • Partners willing to take responsibility for their flaws

Our counseling sessions will help you understand the relationship you currently share with your partner and how you feel about each other. You will also be able to rediscover why you were attracted to your partner when you first met. A greater portion of counseling is also aimed at helping you find out what you and your partner want from the relationship.

Counseling also reveals how each one of you contributes to the current issues in your relationship. That way, both of you can get a clear picture of what you must do for the relationship to improve. You must note that the counselor is not a judge. They will not point out who is wrong or tell you what you should do. Also, they will not persuade a partner who is not willing to stay to change their mind. You will benefit the most from our counseling sessions if both of you are willing to stay and work towards a better relationship.

Preparing For Marriage Counseling

There is no complicated preparation process for marriage counseling. The only preparation you need to do is find a therapist. Most people ask their primary care doctor if they know any food marriage counselors. You can also ask your loved ones, friends, or clergy for recommendations. Before you decide to commit, sit down and talk to the therapist to see if you are a good fit. You can also get in touch with Novus Mindful Life for the best marriage counseling services.

Setting Your Goals for Marriage Counseling

The main goal of marriage counseling is to improve your understanding of yourself and your partner. You also need to figure out the various interaction patterns that define your marriage. However, there is more to it. As you start understanding yourself and your partner, you will start using that understanding to do away with dysfunctional patterns and replace them with better ones. 

Here are some questions that you might want to ask yourself as you are setting goals for your counseling sessions at Novus mindful life: 

  • What type of relationship do you want to establish with your spouse?
  • Who must you become so that the relationship and life you want can be achieved?
  • What kind of partner should your spouse be?
  • What is standing in your way and stopping you from becoming the partner you need to be?
  • What knowledge is needed to achieve your goals? 

Your focus should be on achieving these goals through counseling. Before every session, you can revise your goals and identify what steps you will need to take to support these objectives.

The Right Relationship Advice

At  Novus Mindful Life,  we can help you and your spouse learn how to improve your relationship through better communication. That way, you can effectively discuss the issues you have without fighting or judging each other. This is how you will be able to work as a team to improve your relationship. During our counseling sessions, we will also work towards helping you regain the emotional closeness and trust you need to have a good marriage. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will discuss how our therapy sessions can help you get your marriage back on track.

How to Get the Most out of Marriage Counseling

Here are tips to help you maximize your time in  marriage counseling Long Beach

Marriage Counseling is About the Relationship

You must understand that  marriage counseling Long Beach  is not individual therapy. This means that the focus of the counseling is not you. You will be addressed as a unit, and the therapist will try to help you solve problems that prevent your relationship from moving forward. If you really want the relationship to work, you must also understand that even you have work to do, not just your spouse.

Get Clear About Your Presenting Problem

When you go to  marriage counseling Long Beach , you must discuss what you think the main problem is. This will not be the time to list every little thing your partner has ever done wrong. You should understand that couples therapy works better when you focus on the problem, not on your spouse.

Be Willing to Put in the Work

A lot of people get into therapy to solve problems, and the best way to do that is to start doing things differently. You will be given assignments by your therapist that you should do at home. For instance, they could ask you to read, exercise or practice communication at home. You should take these things seriously.

Be Willing to Accept Your Share of the Responsibility

People usually focus on what their partner is doing to make them miserable. This will cause you to water down your own contribution to the current problem. Finding your own faults can be difficult, especially if your partner has done something to acutely cause a crisis. For instance, if your partner has cheated, that will be your main focus as your start marriage counseling.

Answers to Common Marriage Counseling Questions

marriage counseling in Long BeachShould We Attend Marriage Counseling Long Beach Together?

This depends on what you prefer as a couple. Usually, spouses attend counseling sessions together. In some instances, your therapist can arrange to see you and your partner separately if they think that strategy will work.

Will I Benefit from Marriage Counseling?

The short answer is yes. However, the benefits of marriage counseling come in many forms. Sometimes you might be able to resolve your issues and forge your way forward, and sometimes you might also decide that the relationship must end. For marriage counseling to work, you will both need to be very committed. You must also remember that your treatment plan will depend on the kind of issues you are facing. Fortunately, marriage counselors are equipped to deal with a variety of issues.

What is the Purpose of Marriage Counseling?

The idea behind marriage counseling is to help you learn to use the tools needed to strengthen your marriage.

What is Marriage and Family Therapy?

Marriage and family therapy is a category of marriage counseling at  Novus Mindful Life . This type of counseling is usually a lot more involved than conventional marriage counseling. This technique takes a more holistic approach to marriage and family issues. What does this mean? This means that, unlike situations where only the partners go for counseling, this approach requires the participation of every family member.

What Happens During Marriage and Family Therapy Sessions?

At  Novus Mindful Life,  your family is usually given roleplay tasks and assignments that will be done at home. To use this technique, you must share your true feelings openly with the counselor and your spouse. The main focus of this therapy is to improve communication and conflict-resolution skills. If you are given tasks, your therapist will expect you to complete them. For instance, you might be given communication exercises that you should do at home. During your next therapy session, the therapist will ask you to share your experiences.

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