Partners of Sex Addicts

If you have reached this page, you are likely in a state of confusion and your relationship is hurting. Are you in the midst of dealing with infidelity or questioning unfaithfulness in your partnership or marriage? Are you seeking information on a subject that you never thought you would need information for before?

You may have discovered or are in the process of discovering that you are the partner of a sex addicted individual. Simply saying that this process is confusing and painful is a huge understatement.

Novus Mindful Life Institute is a therapeutic community that is focused on healing from the disease of sex addiction.

The intent of this page is to lend you a compassionate hand and provide you with a description of one way we can help. Our Partner Coaching program is designed to give you the information and support you are seeking.

Sex addiction is widely misunderstood and partners of sex addicts are often left to suffer alone. Partner Coaching targets the need for clarification of the misunderstandings, negative stereotypes, and stigmas of sex addiction.

Partner Coaching is not psychotherapy. While you will be engaged in a discussion, the goal is to provide direct education about the nature of the disease, what the addiction looks like, how it develops, what recovery looks like, the nature of relationships, communication skills, and the fundamentals of self-care.

Novus understands sex addiction and its effects on the family and the trauma you are suffering. Your feelings of pain, shame, fear, and anger can have a voice. You don’t have to suffer alone.

Take care, call when you’re ready, and get the information and support you’re needing.

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At Novus, we provide a compassionate team of professionals who will work with you with a level of commitment that you will not find anywhere else. Let us help you start or further your recovery today.