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Couples Therapy Is An Important Step In Saving Your Relationship

In recent years, couples therapy has shot up in popularity as one of the most effective ways of improving a relationship.

Essentially, this is a form of psychotherapy that is practiced on two individuals to help form a stronger bond or improve their connection.

Unfortunately, as this form of therapy has become more popular and ingrained in our culture, there has also been a strong rise in the belief that couples therapy is only required for relationships that have a strain on them. However, this could not be further from the case.

At Novus Mindful Life, we recommend couples therapy for several partnerships, including those that may be perfectly healthy.

You must remember, constant effort is required from both sides to keep any relationship ticking, and this is exactly what couples therapy aims to do.

By digging deep into the root cause of any issues that may concern either you or your partner, you can increase the level of understanding in your relationship.

Do You Need Couples Therapy?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question, and this is mainly because there are several aspects that make every relationship unique.

So, while at, Novus Mindful Life, we always suggest that all partners try out a few couples therapy sessions to help strengthen their bond, we also understand that this form of therapy is not always the right solution for the issues that your relationship may be facing.

Naturally, this means that only you and your partner will likely know whether couples therapy is the correct path to follow.

In any case, although your struggles may be unique to you, there are certain signs that you should be on the lookout for when thinking about having couples therapy.

Once you notice any of these signs, then don’t hesitate to speak to us. At Novus Mindful Life, our main aim is to provide all the instruments that you need to help build up your relationship and improve the connection between you and your partner.

Our therapists at Huntington Beach have extensive expertise in dealing with relationship issues and providing couples therapy.

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Signs That You May Need Couples Therapy In Huntington Beach

Poor Communication:

A lack of communication is one of the most prominent issues in relationships today, which makes it one of the main reasons why partnerships break down.

Naturally, at Novus Mindful Life, we see many people seeking couples therapy when it feels as though speaking to their partner has become too difficult or one-sided.

This communication breakdown often results in issues, such as shutting down, getting defensive, silent treatments, and so on.

In some cases, if the level of communication becomes too poor, then you may even feel that these issues can no longer be solved, but this could not be further from the truth.

For most couples, the main reason for poor communication is often due to a lack of the right communication tools, which is what couples therapy aims to provide.

Your sessions should not only help you and your partner understand the importance of communication, but you will also come out of your sessions being far more aware of your partner’s communication patterns.

This should make speaking and listening in the future much easier.

At Novus Mindful life, our therapy sessions will help to bridge the gap between you and your partner by creating a safe space that should allow you to communicate freely.

So, if you believe that your relationship is being burdened by communication issues, there is no reason to keep struggling.

Please leave us a call, our therapists at Huntington Beach will be happy to help.

If you would like to book a session but do not live in Huntington Beach, our therapists also offer online sessions.

A Lack of Trust

Placing yourself in the arms of another is not the easiest thing to do, but this is simply the bottom line of any relationship.

This means that when you commit to your partner, they expect a certain level of trust from you.

This is one of the main reasons why it can be extremely detrimental to a partnership when that level of security is stripped away.

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why trust between a couple may erode, or why one partner may struggle to trust the other.

These may include past trauma, grief, and previous infidelity. These issues often leak into relationships, leading to several well-known problems such as:

  • Hiding certain thoughts or emotions from your partner
  • Struggling to commit
  • Setting tests for your partner to determine the level of their commitment
  • A strong sense of anxiety when you cannot reach your partner

While such issues are often one-sided, it is easy to see how they can affect a couple, which is one of the reasons why at Novus Mindful Life, we often recommend couples therapy to help tackle some of these issues.

Essentially, the main aim of our sessions is to help your partner understand the root cause of your trust issues, which should allow them to understand your fears much better.

If you believe that either you or your partner are currently struggling from a lack of trust, then don’t hesitate to schedule a session.

Our therapists offer services in Huntington Beach and will be happy to give you the right tools to put your relationship back on track.


Intimacy often lies at the core of any relationship, so intimacy issues will often affect several parts of the relationship.

Unfortunately, due to the private nature of this issue, intimacy is a much more difficult task to tackle.

This may especially be the case when one partner believes that the problem is extremely personal and would rather not speak about it to anybody.

However, there are certain signs that you should be on the lookout for if you believe that your relationship is suffering from intimacy issues:

  • Your partner constantly fails to satisfy you sexually
  • A quick loss of sexual desire by either partner
  • Intimacy is either being offered as a punishment or reward

While many of these signs may seem obvious, the main problem with intimacy issues is that it creeps on couples, and they don’t even realize the problems until it is too late.

At this point, all intimate contact may either be extremely rare or have ceased completely, and the frustration from the lack of intimacy would have likely soiled many other parts of your relationship.

Although a lack of intimate contact is often seen as personal, and you may find it difficult to speak with a therapist about such issues, you must do so.

You must remember, couples therapy is about addressing the issues that you and your partner have and developing the understanding to overcome them together.

However, none of these issues can be solved if they remain locked away.

You can rest assured that at Novus Mindful Life, your safety, privacy, and respect are of the utmost importance to us, and we will take any of your concerns seriously.

If you are interested in hearing more about couples therapy for intimacy issues, then our therapists at Huntington Beach will be happy to offer any advice, so don’t delay in leaving us a call or booking a session with your partner.

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How Our Therapists at Huntington Beach Can Help Save Your Partnership

At Novus Mindful Life, one of our core beliefs is in creating relationships that are emotionally intelligent and can blossom fully even after the couples therapy sessions are over.

Our therapists at Huntington Beach make use of several clinically proven relationship techniques, which have been based on research conducted by John Gottman and other highly respected clinicians.

You must remember, it is simply not enough to have a relationship. Instead, you should seek a healthy partnership that gives you joy and comfort. So, if you feel that you and your partner currently lack this, then we highly suggest that you try out a few sessions of couples therapy. One of the many mistakes that some couples make is waiting too long before speaking to a therapist.

This leaves many emotional wounds to fester, which makes the issue far more difficult to solve. If you are unsure if you truly need couples therapy, contact us as soon as possible, our Huntington Beach therapists will be glad to offer advice on any issues that you and your partner may be facing.

Novus Mindful Life Helps You Get Closer to Your Partner

It is extremely common to feel more withdrawn from your partner as time goes on, but for most couples, this is not something that they truly want. If you are currently struggling with this, then you don’t have to face your partner’s relationship barrier alone. At Novus Mindful Life, our Huntington Beach therapists have great expertise in helping you communicate with your partner, leaving you feeling more connected with them at the end of your session.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late, Schedule a Couples Therapy Session In Huntington Beach

While most issues can be solved with couples therapy, most partners choose to wait until it is too late. At this point, the problems have grown so bad that solving them becomes extremely difficult. If you are noticing any issues in your relationship, then schedule an appointment with one of our Huntington Beach therapists as soon as possible. The sooner you and your partner are speaking about your problems, the quicker they can be solved.

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