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Whether you’re struggling with sex addiction, grief, anxiety, stress, depression, or need couple counseling, our Long Beach Therapist at Novus Mindful Life can help. We provide resources and a full staff of sex addiction therapists in both Orange County and Long Beach, California. ‏

Anxiety & Stress‏

Are you struggling with nervousness, worry, or self-doubt? ‏
‏We all get nervous sometimes, and this is normal. In most instances, you can spot the cause of your anxiety. However, overwhelming, recurring, or “out of nowhere” dread is not normal.

This is a problem that can deeply impact your life and interfere with your productivity. If anxiety interferes like this, the Long Beach Therapist can help. ‏

‏At Novus Mindful life, our approach to diagnosing anxiety depends on your feelings of worry. This means that symptoms can vary from person to person depending on co-occurring mental health conditions and other factors. If you find yourself being bothered by intrusive or obsessive thoughts, feeling confused, and finding it hard to concentrate, you need to consider therapy.‏

‏Our Long Beach Therapist Novus Mindful Life caters to the mental health needs of adults, couples, and families. So if you are struggling, don’t hesitate to come and get help from our trained experts.

Our skilled clinicians will get to the root of your problems and find healthy ways to help you deal with your stressors and do away with feelings of worry or fear so you can live a normal and productive life.‏

Sex & Porn Addiction –

Get Help Today‏

One of the feelings that accompany compulsive pornography use is shame. This feeling can block you from seeking help and finding a way out of sex addiction. It’s not uncommon for people with sex and porn addiction to fear opening up to people about their struggles. As a result, this will be kept a heavily guarded secret. ‏

‏Fortunately, it’s now quite safe to reach out and seek help. You can use the same medium that made the addiction more prevalent to contact centers like Novus Mindful Life and get insights into how you can be free from this menace.

If you’re struggling with porn addiction, we’re here to help. Our therapists can guide you on the journey to recovery and give you the tools to become your true self. ‏

‏We want you to be free and to enjoy life to the fullest. This can only be possible when your life is free of addictions. If you are ready to take the first step into a better future, contact us to find out how our sex addiction counseling services can transform your life forever.

Our therapists know how to guide you into a shame and guilt-free life with no sexual struggles. We have assisted hundreds of individuals struggling with sexual addiction, and you can be part of our success story too. Get in touch with one of our professional therapists in Long Beach today and take your first step towards an addiction-free life. ‏

Offering In-Person & Online Therapy

Long Beach Therapist for Depression Counseling‏

‏It’s normal to be sad after something bad has happened, but continuous sadness will affect your daily life and make it difficult for you to find enjoyment in day-to-day activities.

Depression is a serious problem that takes multiple forms. On some days, you might find it really difficult to get out of bed, and on some, you might be able to get a few things done.

Whatever form it takes, living with depression can make your life incredibly difficult.

‏Our depression counselors at Novus Mindful Life Institute can help you find peace and happiness in your life again. You can benefit greatly from our individual, group, family, and couples sessions that seek to help those suffering from depression and anxiety.

‏For many, getting out of depression can seem like an impossible task. However, the sooner you seek help, the better. Living with depression is risky.

The condition might end up putting significant emotional and physical strain on your health. You deserve to live a depression-free life.

Our personalized methods can help you take back control of your life. Reach out to our Long Beach Therapist today to schedule an appointment. ‏

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Grief & Loss Counseling‏

‏Grief can be more than just feelings of sadness. You may end up feeling guilty, angry, or regretful. These emotions can be very strong and confusing. For instance, while you might feel sad due to the passing of a loved one, you might also feel relief that they are no longer in pain.

So, you might find that as you are dealing with loss, your grief can take many forms.

‏There are a lot of different feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that are associated with grief. These behaviors and thoughts can be split into two main categories: instrumental and intuitive grief. Many people blend these two approaches to grief.

Fortunately for some, grief can be a passing phase, and they will quickly return to their normal life. However, in some instances, grief can be prolonged, and it will end up affecting your health.

Long Beach Therapist Novus Mindful life helps clients by taking a client-centered approach to grief. We understand the various forms that grief can take, and with this knowledge, we can help you maneuver a path that is right for you. Because grief is different, our approaches to understanding how different individuals cope with it are also different.

‏If you have lost someone and you need help coping with grief, contact our Long Beach Therapist at Novus Mindful Life. This is an opportunity to explore your feelings and memories without judgment. We understand that when it comes to loss, nothing can be classified as being too small. Contact us today so you don’t endure your grief alone.

couple holding hands during a therapy sessionCounseling for Infidelity‏

‏The majority of adults who get into relationships expect monogamy. However, in some instances, some partners will engage in extramarital sex at some point. There are many reasons why these affairs take place. Some cite a lack of relationship satisfaction, and some accuse a lack of intimacy.

For any relationship to be successful, both parties need to feel stable and insecure. This means once one partner cheats, those feelings of stability and security will be threatened. This is why you need to seek counseling for infidelity. Our Long Beach Therapist can help you navigate marital issues linked to infidelity.

‏At Novus, we have found that a lot of couples who decide to work through the problems created by infidelity manage to stay together and fix their relationships. If you have been hurt, our professional Long Beach Therapist can help speed up the process of healing the relationship.

Counseling can also help you uncover what you need in your relationship. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first steps towards healing and growing your relationship. ‏

‏Couples Counseling‏

‏Don’t know what happens during couples counseling? Typically, at Novus Mindful Life, the first couples therapy session starts with some basic questions about the history of the relationship and well as taking a look into each partner’s family history, values, and cultural background. In some instances, our Long Beach Therapist might also use the first sessions for crisis intervention if necessary.

‏Our skilled counselors at Novus Mindful Life can assist you in identifying the issues you are going through and then making them the focus of treatment. They will also identify treatment goals and come up with a structured treatment plan for each counseling session.

‏During treatment, our Long Beach Therapist will help guide you into understanding the relational dynamics creating the problem. They will also help you understand your contributions to the dysfunctional interactions. The insights you will gain during your sessions at Novus Mindful Life will help you change the way you perceive relationships and each other.

‏Our skilled and highly trained therapists use proven techniques that are aimed at fixing your problems together as a couple. These sessions will help you grow both as an individual and as a couple. You will also gain communication skills that will help you overcome the behaviors that threaten peace in your relationship. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for couples counseling.

Long Beach Therapist Novus Mindful Life

‏No one is immune to mental health issues or relationship problems. With the help of our Long Beach Therapist, you can discover more about yourself and how to overcome your mental health issues. Our therapists practice evidence-based forms of therapy, and we have enjoyed a lot of success with our patients over many years.‏

‏Novus Mindful Life helps people like you connect with skilled and compassionate counselors and therapists. Our therapists are also involved in eliminating the stigma that stops people from seeking help. All of our therapists are also trained to protect client confidentiality and privacy.‏

‏If you are looking for a specific type of counseling or therapy, reach out to our Long Beach Therapist. You can also suggest what you would be most comfortable with. Some people do well with group therapy, and some prefer one on one sessions.

At Novus, we provide a compassionate team of professionals who will work with you with a level of commitment that you will not find anywhere else. Let us help you start or further your recovery today.