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Couples therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that focuses on the relationship between two people. Contrary to what most people believe, couples therapy isn’t reserved for those who are experiencing issues with their love lives; it’s also for couples who are perfectly healthy and in relationships where they’re growing together!

Learning how to communicate to a potential partner is a very important life skill. It’s something that people often take time to learn and often don’t even acknowledge exists as a lesson worth learning.

People looking into a future romantic relationship however, should at least have a basic understanding of how each other may be feeling, what they want or need from the other person involved and so forth.

Relationships take work and having someone there to keep it balanced will help those involved flourish as people as well as partners in love.

It’s not the end of the world if your relationship is in distress sometimes. It’s actually a chance to become closer with your partner and to perhaps learn more about yourself as a person, and how you best approach relationships of all kinds.

For some, it might be the deciding factor between continuing to pursue their passion or giving up and moving on. For most, however, it is a conscious decision to put in the work and keep plugging away with their love life.

All couples will of course have difficulties of one sort or another, but these are often the building blocks on which we can construct a more stable, enduring relationship.

By learning to cope with difficult times of this nature, you’ll enable yourself to create a stronger bond with your partner that may well last for years to come.

When two people meet for the first time, the lack of understanding between them is part because they’re human and part because of incongruity in each other’s mood at that moment.

Our communication with our clients is crucial for a healthy relationship. On a deeper level, we help couples understand each other and themselves through communication dynamics.

Novus Mindful Life Institute provides you with the tools you need to repair or strengthen the bond you share with anyone in your life who means the most to you.

Our process will provide peace of mind, security, and growth – all through personalized sessions that help clients enjoy their lives with friends, family members, partners, spouses, kids, or anyone who is close to their heart.

If that sounds like something that might work for you at this point then please do not hesitate to call our friendly group at our office located in Long Beach, Ca or contact us through our website.

Together with us, you can create the future that you and your partner are destined for!

Long Beach Couples Therapy

You can decide if couples therapy is right for you. To help you make the decision, here are some steps to take in order to decide whether or not individualized couples counseling may be useful in sustaining a healthy relationship.

Often people want to be in a relationship with someone they can converse with in-depth. However, sometimes just talking things out doesn’t help strengthen the relationship.

If you’re in this kind of rut in your relationship, couples therapy may suit you well. Indeed, when done at the right places like Novus Mindful Life Institute, these sessions can lead to massive improvements in your connection to others around you – both family and strangers alike.

Some people believe that a commitment to one person for the rest of your life is inherently limiting. We believe that happy, healthy relationships are based on a foundation of honesty, trust & mutual care.

If any of the following seems to resonate with you on a personal level, then it may benefit you and your partner to contact us today!

couple holding hands during a therapy sessionSigns and Symptoms That You Should See a Therapist



When you begin to notice signs and symptoms that your relationship isn’t going in the right direction, it could be a sign that your marriage is in trouble. Seek professional help from a reputable counselor or life coach. They can assist you to resolve any issues that have caused a disruption, and come up with a solution to live a happy life once again.

  • An inability to engage with your partner because of defensiveness.
  • Heaping piles of criticism
  • Sometimes we make assumptions about what our partners are thinking. This leads to miscommunications and leads us to misunderstand each other and fail to reach agreements.
  • Dwindling attempts and/or opportunities to connect with one another.
  • Expressing negative feelings instead of openly addressing them.
  • Silence, ignoring someone, or literally refusing to talk to them.
  • One has to make a lot of decisions quickly and sometimes they aren’t given the time to fully evaluate their options.
  • Someone feels more passionately about an issue than the other, which creates friction between them.

Try to remember that you are not the only ones who have gone through any of these circumstances. Everyone wants their life to be perfect but no one can ever really escape the problems others have faced before them to get where they are today so don’t feel so bad about it. Remember, you’re both smart people who just need to work out your differences to continue on with your lives together in real happiness.

Don’t let resentment stop you from enjoying yourselves –you should look for other solutions by using other better skills to debug your relationship problems.

The most common effects that are experienced by couples with communication problems include:

  • Couples that spend too much time together tend to experience conflict on some level.
  • Lack of real connection.
  • One feels nobody is paying any attention to you. One feels like a stranger in a strange place.
  • A lack of passion about their partner, or feeling emotionally distant.

The nature of communication problems makes the scope of the issue hard to see fully from the inside. It may seem obvious to you that there are major things missing in your relationship with your partner, but unless you and they know how to convey that to each other, progress may prove too difficult or impossible.

Couples therapy and counseling are the best way to gain a healthier perspective on relationships. At Novus Mindful Life, we’ll open a dialog for you and your partner that may never have been a possibility without a therapist’s help. One early morning conversation with someone knowledgeable about the mental health of others can pave the road for healthy communication with important people in your life.

To serve Long Beach and Orange County, CA, all you need to do is call customer service and we’ll get everything set up for you. We’ll make sure to get things up and running in no time!


Novus Counseling and Recovery Center Helps Couples Heal their MarriageTrust & Security

Trust means everything to creating a lasting relationship with another person. Don’t ever think that it’s not worth the risk – trust and love is the key – and the key to dealing with stress and trusting others enough to bare your true self. If you and your partner aren’t completely trustworthy then don’t even try because without trust, there can be no love.

When trust is placed into someone else’s hands, it’s scary to think that they might disappoint us or let us down. Trust issues can arise for various reasons ranging from past experiences to even what we’ve seen in our relationships thus far.

Sometimes people are able to set aside their personal fears and put faith in someone or something because of reasons like love or whenever they feel hopeful about the future. It’s important to remember not every person who disappoints us is the same person who will do it again; all people deserve a chance to prove themselves.

That being said, if the root cause seems to be an individual concern rather than a relationship issue, couples therapy can still help to mend wounds and strengthen your love and connection while also providing some much-needed support while you navigate this challenging time.

Here are the most common signs you’re experiencing relationship problems, you might recognize some of them, but it often feels like each person in a relationship can see signs that don’t seem clear to the other. Not only do outsiders notice these things, but so does your entire support system:

  • Anxiousness is felt by either partner when the other somehow becomes inaccessible to one another. For example, if your partner is away somewhere or at some function without any form of communication about their own whereabouts, this can induce feelings of anxiousness in you which you may then bring upon yourself.
  • Trying to hide thoughts and emotions from the other partner, preventing them from accessing any vulnerabilities.
  • Being overly dependent on your partner’s reassurance of commitment.
  • Anxiety is the feeling of being worried, nervous or frightened about something that has yet to occur. Having anxiety can be a temporary state due to a situation you’re currently facing. However, it can also be a recurring problem in your life if not dealt with.
  • As partners work together, they have to trust one another completely. In order to foster this trust, it’s important for partners to test one another from time to time. There are a number of ways that this can be done, but the most common way is by trying to trick one another into revealing something about oneself that might otherwise be kept secret. 

This list is not all-encompassing, and it does not touch upon all the possibilities of insecure behavior. If you suspect that there is mistrust in your relationship that will never improve on its own, we’re here to help!

As a couple, it’s never too late to talk things over and get reconnected on a deeper level. Mindfulness is at the core of what we do at Novus Mindful Life and we’re here to help individuals and couples move past their disagreements with one another and move toward a healthier and fulfilling relationship.

Bringing mindfulness into your everyday life will ultimately help you communicate with one another more effectively and also manage stress better. Learning new ways to deal with your emotions will ultimately lead to an enhanced sense of presence in your relationships/life overall, improving how you connect with others.

No problem if you don’t live in the Long Beach area! For your convenience, we provide online sessions


Problems in a relationship can cause stress and can affect your mental health. If you want to be able to enjoy your sexual life, it’s important to understand the extent of the problem and what you’re willing and not willing to do about it.

In the event that your sex life has been waning over time and is becoming more of a reason for concern, it may be worthwhile to investigate certain factors which could be hindering the spark between you and your partner.

Rule out related potential medical conditions before jumping into same-for-other-people treatments you might read about online. If both of you are physically healthy then the following signs may show that your sex life isn’t as active as it once was:

  • Sexual dissatisfaction can be caused by many things and changes regularly. Unmet expectations, a lack of passion and a desire for novelty may all play a role.
  • Lack of sexual desire or lack of pleasure associated with sexual activity.
  • Intimacy becomes an act to be given or withheld. It can make or break a relationship.
  • Feeling as though your significant other has turned into a roommate that shares the same space but separate beds or at least some distance between you two.
  • Repetitive sexual encounters or limiting them to special occasions.
  • Sex between partners isn’t perfect. Both parties involved usually walk away feeling less than satisfied.
  • Frustration during sex at the inability to please both partners. Excessive, or unreasonable dissatisfaction during sex.

The signs of an intimacy problem might be obvious to some people, but not all. For some couples, sexual contact has become a thing of the past and they’ve become accustomed to this lack of intimacy.

But couples cannot afford to ignore the issues and problems that escalate and only grow as time progresses because marriage and relationships need healing and nurturing just like any other living organism or plant for that matter. 

Intimacy issues are usually brought on by one or more of the following causes:

  • Stress-related events are inevitable, but many occurrences are entirely under your control.
  • A loss of passion, attraction, interest, or connection can ultimately lead to some devastating consequences for people in a relationship. This is because the love that was saturated in this bond has been replaced with feelings of negativity and dislike.
  • Medical issues are reasons why couples have problems. Some of the common ones are prostate cancer in men or menopause in women. If you are facing mental or physical challenges it could affect your relationship.

Issues such as trust and resentment may cause problems.

Sometimes, couples need outside help in order to come to terms with things they may not be able to communicate about themselves or their spouse without an unbiased third-party intervening.

Good therapists are aware of the fact that having an open discussion will help you get through anything troubling your relationship might be facing. We do our best to make couples feel at ease during office visits, knowing that places like this can be intimidating sometimes.

At Novus Mindful Life, we honor and respect all members of our community and will take your concerns seriously while maintaining an open-minded and unbiased space for understanding.

Serving Long Beach and surrounding areas, we strive to help you lead a better life with your partner! 

Save your relationship With A Long Beach Couples Therapist

Novus Mindful Life Counseling and Recovery Center can help end your relationship woes. If you’re ending your relationship, don’t give up hope! Novus Counseling and Recovery Center can provide the expert guidance you need to get through this difficult time in life.

At Novus we work with couples and individuals to help build greater intimacy and connection, and to facilitate positive and creative communications toward a more fulfilling relationship.

One of first signs of problems in a relationship is the two people involved avoiding to communicate openly with one another.

Relationships can be tricky and need a lot of work. Sometimes things that you take for granted in others may not be clear to them, or vice versa. If you’re having any type of relationship problem – such as communication issues, priority-setting differences, even infidelity! It is best to get help from a professional therapist because they can recommend anyone who can fix whatever the issue may be and give you the advice and possible advice necessary to finally leave your problems in the past and move forward with your life.

Get closer to your partner

Want to make your relationship with your partner grow stronger? Couple’s therapy is a powerful way to accomplish this goal.​Many couples experience unhealthy obstacles in their relationships that keep them from getting closer. We can help you resolve these unconscious obstacles, making it possible for you to get closer to one another.

Couples in a relationship have to learn how to communicate, and couple’s therapist near me can help. Specialists in this area will help you understand the way you talk with your partner, then teach you means of both reaching out more effectively and listening more attentively.

At the Novus Mindful Life Institute Counseling and Recovery Center, our therapists are experts in the field. We have counselors who are specialists in working with couples. And this is why all of our therapists were selected to work for us because of their talent, experience, and motivation to help couples with relationship issues that have proven too challenging for them.

Our training is varied as well, so that each member of our staff has something different to offer clients based on what they value or believe will be helpful for maintaining a strong commitment.

Many couples have not taken the appropriate time to actually get to know one another. Taking your relationship seriously early on can help save you a lot of pressure down the road. It is important for you and your husband to take time out of every day to do something that you are both passionate about together since this quality time can really help get to know each other better.

If there are problems in your marriage, you two need to talk about them! Don’t wait for these issues to sort themselves out because they don’t work that way, or else what use is there in being married anyway? The sooner you recognize that marital problems aren’t going away, the more likely it is that they will disappear before long.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Many couples wait until their problems become so severe and overwhelming, that they don’t feel as though they have any other choice but to seek immediate help. This is why it’s crucial to seek help before things inevitably get worse, especially since it won’t always be easy for you or your partner to see eye to eye about every issue in need of resolution.

Take action now by calling Novus today so that our executive couples’ therapists can help smooth out the issues which are currently standing between you and your significant other.


Reach out for help now, so you can avoid the trap of suffering forever!

At Novus, we provide a compassionate team of professionals who will work with you with a level of commitment that you will not find anywhere else. Let us help you start or further your recovery today.